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What you need to eat before training
Training alone cannot make you healthy or fit. You need to combine it with the proper diet. What you eat right before the training makes a huge difference. These tips will help you stay cool.
Best diet options for training:
Food can either boost your energy levels or slow you down. Your body needs some slow carbs, lean proteins, lots of liquid and healthy fats to exercise well. These foods are the best sources.
1. Oats
This is the perfect source of the slow carbs and fiber. Instead of one-time quick energy outburst, you get slow and regular inflow to last you the whole training session. Plus, the fiber keeps your digestion system healthy.
2. Smoothie
Use your favorite fruits to make a cupful of it. Your body digests them quickly. You do not feel any heaviness in the stomach and get a bunch of vitamins and energy for the workouts.
3. Banana
It’s the most radioactive food you ever eat, but it’s good for you. Banana stores tons of vitamins and minerals for your body quickly releases the energy you need.
4. Egg whites
It’s a source of protein, easily digestible and delicious.
5. Multi-grain crackers
Whole grains contain a healthy combination of fiber and carbs. They make an excellent pre and post workout snacks.
6. Walnuts
All seeds and nuts are high. They supply the plant proteins and various microelements your body needs to stay healthy and energized. Plus, these tame your hunger well and prevent overeating.
7. Burrito with beans
Beans are good for your body and burritos are healthy. It’s a tasty and nutritious pre-training snack.
8. Dried fruits
These are just perfect. You get carbs and vitamins, but just a few calories and a healthy snack option.
9. Lean meat
Chicken breast is great. It is easily digestible and supplies you with fats and proteins you need for the workout.
10. Brown rice
It can go with your chicken breast or alone. Or you can cook it with black beans.
These snacks are perfect to eat before the exercises or after. They supply all the nutrients your body needs to stay lean, fit and strong.
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TrebLab Audio

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