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For whatever reason, I've always been hesitant to ask for money for my classroom. But I've now realised that there’s a LOT I need to do for my students, and there’s a lot I can’t do alone. There’s a pressing need for funds and external aid that can better equip me to effectively do my work in the classroom. So, through this post I’m reaching out to anyone and everyone who’d like to help out. :)

Here's a link to a blog post I've written and here's the direct link to my crowdfunding page.

You can help by - 
a) Making any contribution, however small it might be, if you feel like it.
b) Sharing my blog/crowdfunding page with your close-friends, family and on social media (this can go a long way, please do).
c) Giving me feedback on this campaign.

Thank you for all the love, in advance! 
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