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Colour Blind (Pokemon)
Colour Blind ============ Endless stories seem to present themselves of hacked games and such. Some more believable than others, some leave you questioning who would go out of their way to edit their own version of a game, just to spook a few unfortunate vi...

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Poliwhirl (Pokemon)
Poliwhirl ========= [The following document was recovered from the author's room shortly after his famed escape, and has been published in the hopes of helping to lead to his eventual capture. This publication is the property of the Kanto Department of Inve...

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Ketsuban (Pokemon)
Ketsuban ======== “Rhydon, use fissure!” The Gym floor shook beneath Rhydon’s feet as it let out a tremendous bellow. If this move hits… SpriteGiovanni All at once, an enormous crack opened in the earth. A gaping maw stretched across the gym floor, speeding...

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Pokemon Pinwheel Village
Pokémon Pinwheel Village ======================== It was 1/4/2012 when my friend let me have his copy of Pokémon Black; my friend had a tendency of selling his consoles but keeping the games, by evidently still owning Super Street Fighter IV though he hasn’...

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Battery Ditto ============= I can tell you why, but I warn you. You may not like what you hear, especially if you feel particularly attuned to the suffering of animals in our own world. With that out of the way I shall begin. A lot of emphasis was put on Te...

video game creepypastas, which admittedly aren't new
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