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 These pictures from the Phoenix Mars lander (2008) which landed in the Mars Artic  region,  show droplets of a liquid.  It is water splashed up on the landers legs. Its salty composition enables it to be in a liquid form. ...
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5 Star Service - Let Mike repair your carpet !

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According to the Heritage Foundation, the U.S. military spent “$998,798 shipping two 19-cent washers from South Carolina to Texas and $293,451 sending an 89-cent washer from South Carolina to Florida."
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Lets give Trump a chance. 1) He can't be bought 2) He stood up to the drug cartels. 3) He works hard. #Trump
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Atlas 5 rocket about 6:15 AM 9/2/15.  60 miles away from launch site.
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Ward Wilson of the Rethinking Nuclear Weapons Project said the problem with nuclear deterrence was its reliance on individuals remaining rational.
"If human beings are fallible, and human beings are involved in nuclear deterrence, then nuclear deterrence is inherently flawed and will one day fail catastrophically."
He also warned that "if you wait long enough then a madman will pop up in one of the nine nuclear states". #iran_talks
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The planet, Kepler ;452 b, is likely rocky and orbits in its star’s habitable zone where liquid water can exist
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  Need Carpet Stretching ?   Call Michael A  Daddazio   visit AAA MR MIKE CARPET 407-620-4987.  "He has been called  THE GUY WITH THE STRETCHER "  "He stretches your carpet one way then another and makes it look like...
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Carpet Repair & Installation.
    Carpet Repair & Installation., present
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Orlando, Fl 32824
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  • Widener University
    Studied Engineering.
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Water on Mars ? Yes !

These pictures from the Phoenix Mars lander (2008) which landed in the Mars Artic region, show droplets of a liquid. It is water splashed up

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I won't lie like a rug. I'll make your rug lie.

Need Carpet Stretching ? Call Mike Daddazio visit AAA MR MIKE CARPET 407-620-4987.

America, West Bracing for ISIS Terror Attacks

Islamic State's beheading of a U.S. journalist and its threat to destroy the American cross suggests it has gained enough confidence seizing

Illegals Hail from Countries with Ebola Outbreaks, Terror Ties

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AAA Mr Mike Carpet Care

Carpet installation and carpet repair.Patch (pet damage, rips,burns)Stretch ( tighten up for better appearance and wear)Water Damage ( re-st

Pet Damage to your Carpet ?

Before After Vist Mike's Site All work done by Mike. (Patching,Stretching and other Repairs) AAA MR MIKE CARPET 407-620-4987 Michael A Dadda

Dick Morris: Obama Using Border Crisis to Build a Democrat Nation

President Barack Obama, who as a candidate in 2008 said voters' choice of him would be "fundamentally transforming" for America, plans to de

Carrier in Persian Gulf gets surprise vist by UFO !

A carrier in the Persian Gulf had a close in encounter with a UFO said military sources. Military experts say the flying saucer is invisible

Report: Released Taliban Leader Played Key Role in 9/11 Taliban Strategy

One of the five senior Taliban leaders released in the prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl played a role in al-Qaida's strategy for the 9/1

Chinese Hackers Widespread, Difficult to Control

Chinese Internet hackers are widespread and difficult to trace, and even though the government and military have benefited from their expert

McCaul: 'They Defend Us Overseas, Yet They're Defenseless at Bases'

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Tesla Plans 'Gigafactory' That Will Employ 6,500

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Feds to decide on car-to-car communications

FILE - This May 22, 2012 file photo shows a side mirror warning signal in a Ford Taurus at an automobile testing area in Oxon Hill, Md. Fede

Good appliance section.
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I have had Brighthouse TV and Internet for over 5 years. When I had a problem they gave prompt service.
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Good selection of drugstore items at the right price.
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Good selection of hardware products. Convenient location.
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8 reviews
Their Donuts and Coffee are among the best!
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Good small store. I like their food selection.
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Great store for one stop shopping. Good selection of meats and produce. I also like the hardware department.
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