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Mark Jackson
Technical Animation Director and Pipeline boffin with too many years of experience to admit too!
Technical Animation Director and Pipeline boffin with too many years of experience to admit too!

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Big updates for the Red9 ProPack, particularly proud of these ones ;)
Red9 ProPack - Animation Systems updates now available to Clients
It's been a while since I posted on the blog and I thought it about time I did a few new updates to show what's now available in the Red9 ProPack to Clients taking Red9 Support. Firstly don't worry, StudioPack continues to get a lot of back-end updates and ...

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Red9 Consultancy, well we've officially been in business 1 year today and I'd like to say a huge thanks all of our clients, colleagues, friends and families for all their support. We've got some incredible projects under development, helping some of the biggest games studios and upcoming titles with their animation pipelines, tools, assets and facial and body rig systems.

The ProPack is getting some huge new tools and as a celebration we'll be pushing an Alpha build out to the tester group in the next week or so.

Thanks again, our feet haven't touched the ground so far!

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damn there's some serious math going on there, really interesting

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First TV commercial using our up-coming Red9 Rigging Systems ;)

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First sneak peak of Red9 ProPack, huge new tool for animators, full animation re-direction ;)

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Red9 StudioPack - Language support ;)

Why are blendshapes in Maya such a bitch to manage in code? Seriously, how the hell did Autodesk figure people would run this stuff and why is it always easier just to delete the damn blendNode each time and rebuild it than it is to do simple functions like edit or remove the targets????? ggggrrrrrrr

Red9 is looking for environment & character artists, plus animators for a possible long term project that's on the cards at the moment. If you're interested in contract work drop me a mail.

Question to all you animators out there.... 
I'm updating the TimeOffset handlers in Red9 and wanted to ask about your expectations of shifting keys. If I shift a timerange of keys forward, and I include a ripple function, then moving that range 20frms forward would shift the keys in the upper bounds of that range also. But what happens when you shift that range backwards in time???

Do I:
A: shift the keys and ripple that offset to the upper range of keys too, dragging those backwards. In which case what do you do with the keys on the lower range you're about to over-write?

B: Do I only ripple that range shift to the lower bounds of keys, leaving the upper bounds where they are, kind of inverse of the behaviour of shifting keys forward?

I can do any of these, but what makes sense??? I'm sick and tired of having to wrap these useful functions, I can't use the Maya 'insert' flag as it crashes out 100% of the time.

So what do you think guys????????
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