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Chii Motosuwa
It'sa me, CHOBII~
It'sa me, CHOBII~

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Hey guys! I don't have much credits today!
I'm introducing Lemlems! I sometimes show pictures with friends and
normally I don't do introductions but that's because I've been
friends with them forever usually and mentioned them before shows~!
This time, howe...

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World Of My Own
If I had a world of my own everything would
be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be
what it isn't and contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be and what
it wouldn't be, it would. I
spend a lot of time to myself watching Netflix ...

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Never part of any crowd...
...'Cause my heads always in some clouds! Genre is Sci-fi! I love Sci-fi! I got some
goodies from the round with some urban décor by Melon Bunny that's
somewhat older so check the mainstore for it but still bomb as the
day it was released aww yee. Love the ...

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Hey cuties, nice to see you again! Today I
have on a cute set I found from Le Fil Casse. I really love the
little tail meshed up the back, it's super cute! Since I like to be
more modest I covered it with some cute shorts from Paper Arrow and a
cardigan fro...

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End & Begin Again.
I've begun to learn a lot of things in my
time on my journey to peace... one of them is why I've grown to
dislike blogging. I've done it less and less because of that, in
addition to my health of course, and come back every time I could get
an outfit reason...

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Surprisingly, being from Philadelphia; I'm
only now getting in to seeing it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Show. Is. Killing me. Tanoshi's been working on a few things I am
super excited to bring you, one of which is a member on our team is
learning to rig...

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Fantasy Break!
The creators of Tanoshi have been on a bit
of a fantasy break this winter, though we are all slowly working in
our own ways for things for you guys!! While my blog's been closed
I've spent my time learning new things and getting my weight and
health in orde...

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Heya gorgeous people? How's the grid? I'm
posting before getting to work on learning what's up with bento and
stuff since I popped away. I had a really fun time with a friend I
hadn't seen in years who has been a semi-distant part of my life for
a very long...

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