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Andrew Asplund
Andrew wishes he was as cool as Jon Pertwee.
Andrew wishes he was as cool as Jon Pertwee.

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I actually submitted my first "custom creation" for 13th Age to Vault of the 13th Age. Nothing fancy; just an attempt to do something a little bit different than the norm.

Fate Core variant: the group is composed of a professional chef and her crew. They have to develop a successful restaurant while facing challenges (like Food TV competitions).

When I finished my #dnd4e game about a year or so ago, I took a step away from the game to try some different stuff.

After fiddling with all sorts of different games, I'm excited because I'm finally moving forward with my #13thAge game! Well, except not quite...


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Adventures in podcasting: we did an episode based on booze! Well, the intersection of booze and nerdy/geeky things.
If you're under 21, you will get carded before you are able to enjoy Episode 33 of For All Intents and Purposes because this week is all about booze, but with a nerdy/geeky focus, of course.
Perhaps obviously, we ask you: what is your favorite beverage of choice for your nerdy or geeky pursuits?

#podcasting   #nerds   #geeks   #booze   #beer   #drinking   #buffy   #bostonlegal   #tv   #gaming   #tabletop  

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A Holiday gift from my podcast partner and super friend D. Bethel...

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This is one of those sequences in television that I feel really captures 50 years of television really well in a 3 minute sequence. Granted, it's skewed towards the later era of the show, but it's still pretty solid.

I always imagine my many player RPG campaigns would end something like this.

Recent discovery from my Star Wars Cloud City based RPG group: Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian drinks BlastTech 45 as his favorite alcoholic beverage.

After doing a lot of research into Star Wars, I've become interested in the idea of a character, the child of Duchess Satine and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was given up (perhaps to Satine's sister, Bo-Katan) and raised without knowledge of his or her parents. Perhaps, later, this child would fall into the hands of the Sith Lords (Darth Vader or Sidious) who, realizing the child's potential, would teach it the ways of the force....

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Oh look! I yell into a microphone! About stuff! And, apparently, I do some karate.
Episode 25 is up! If you want to hear us talk about the original Star Trek series, the recently completed season of Doctor Who, or season finales in general, then this is your episode!

Plus, we ask the question: What is your favorite television season finale?

#podcast   #nerd   #geek   #doctorwho   #startrek  
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