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Reservation & Ticketing Systems
Hotel reservation, tour booking, ferry & bus reservation, marina rental, boat rental, car rental, restaurant and reservation software
Hotel reservation, tour booking, ferry & bus reservation, marina rental, boat rental, car rental, restaurant and reservation software


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Perfect for companies requiring a feature rich & intelligent, reservation & ticketing system with integrated smart ticketing and tourism solutions to handle their complex reservation & ticketing scenarios!

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Innovation in reservation and fare collection technology

One of the many concerns of companies, not only in the business of passenger transportation but also the provision of tourism and activity destination providers is there legacy technology.

Typically, the predominant means of providing tickets for transit and also for entry into activities and the boarding of tour buses has been by the means of old-fashioned paper tickets. To a certain extent, magnetic tickets and smartcards have been used depending upon market circumstances.

Obviously investment has been made within the required infrastructure to facilitate that payment and validate the tickets, as well as the means of printing and distributing the appropriate ticket formats.

As seen, over the last few years, the provision of paper tickets in more advanced regions of the world has seen the decline of paper tickets, offset by an increase in the use of the smart phone and contactless cards, or now more frequently called mobile ticketing.

The majority of mobile ticketing is generally being implemented and available to larger agencies and operators due to their fairly large existing staff and technical expertise. They are generally able to deploy mobile ticketing to run alongside their existing fare collection system, by deploying visual digital ticket inspection by drivers alongside their existing paper ticket scam solutions.

But, primarily operators of mass transit drive these solutions. It is a requirement suitable to the purchase of a ticket, and use that ticket as part of an unreserved seat on some form of transportation vehicle.

This may be suitable for operators of mass transit but is not always suitable in the tourism industry, whereby tourists wish to identify a particular time and seat availability for their travel purposes.

The fact is that even though mobile barcode is becoming the most accepted way to deliver contactless mobile ticketing in larger passenger transportation operations, it is not always applicable to many in the tourism industry.

This basically breaks the reservation and ticketing industry into two major parts. At one end we have the airline and railway industry, plus large ferry type operations.

These typically use older legacy systems due to the more complex requirements for their reservation and ticketing processes. At the other end of the scale we have the more up-to-date mobile fare collection technologies coming into play.

Both of these approaches are expensive and tend to be out of reach for the majority of smaller to medium-sized operators within the tourism industry, both for some form of passenger transportation and the provision of tourism activities and accommodation, etc.

But, there is third option. And of course we are talking about ODIN. It not only allows you to implement all of the capabilities of a front-line airline and ferry reservation and ticketing system, but also allows you to also implement the full capabilities of mobile ticketing for a fraction of the cost.

I Want to Carry Packages on My Bus!
No problem! Check out our Transit & Tour Freight Handling Features.

Your sales agents and administrators will be able to set up a freight operation to make use of any spare cargo capacity your bus or ferry (even aircraft) will have to carry freight, packages or even mail.

The availability of the ODIN API, the world’s first reservation & ticketing API for tourism & passenger transport services, means you can now integrate the market leading ticketing software system into existing or new applications. You can even set up your own shared ticketing platform.

This feature allows:
– to obtain information from ODIN V6.0 database in XML format;
– perform remote V6.0 booking using your own website or any other application;
– insert/update ODIN inventory;
– get detailed information about tours, hotels and transit in the ODIN system in XML format.

Account-Based Ticketing?

With ODIN, you can also set-up Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) capabilities.

ABT passengers, then simply use stored value in their ODIN account, paying for their journey at the best possible fare.

As well as mobile barcode tickets, the ODIN multi-format reservation & ticketing software facilitates the use of a variety of fare media, including; contactless credit cards, smartcard, coupons, vouchers, digital wallets and more.

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Single or Multi-Website Capable for Reservations, Ticketing & Activities
Perfect for companies requiring a feature rich & intelligent, reservation & ticketing system with integrated smart ticketing and tourism solutions to handle their complex reservation & ticketing scenarios!

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ODIN TRANSIT Reservation & Ticketing Software for Ferry & Bus, Shuttle operations demo overview

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Reservation and ticketing technology for the sharing economy

Tourism services have traditionally been provided by businesses such as hotels, shuttle companies, taxes or tour operators. Ticketing for transportation and also for the tourism industry in general, have also been part of that equation.

In recent years, a growing number of individuals have begun to share what they own temporarily with tourists, for example houses, other accommodation and cars, etc. This has also grown to include meals or exclusions.

This type of sharing is referred to as the sharing economy. Although it is not limited to tourism, it is now found in many areas of social and economic activity, with tourism being one of the sectors most impacted.

The sharing economy with his values of collaboration, cooperation and partnership is changing the tourism and transportation marketplace. By providing people new options from where to stay, what to do and how to get around, it would appear that in a sharing economy, anyone can start a tourism or transportation business.

What is the sharing economy? -

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Maintaining user adoption and your customers’ software skills are challenges that don’t end at ‘go live.’ Our Value Added Reseller (VAR) program helps you sustain new customers’ continued success and offers a “value-add” entry point back into existing customers as you renew relationships.

We can help your:

Sales teams create new revenue by reselling ODIN software to help your customers create, manage, and distribute reservation and ticketing software for enterprise and web-based applications.
Professional Services teams deliver successful implementations more quickly and efficiently using ODIN software.

The ODIN Value-Added Reseller Program

Deliver rapid deployments, accelerate adoption, reduce risk, and increase customer satisfaction.

ODIN is a leading tourism and passenger transportation COTS/MOTS, digital software platform, and the leading white label, end-to-end platform for reservations, ticketing and fare collection system based on open technology.

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Digital Platform for Tourism Activities & Passenger Transportation!

Turn Your Website into a Destination Platform Sharing Reservation Centre!

A Tourism & Transit Reservation & Ticketing software loaded with modules, applications, widgets & functional wizards, that is also a Multi-Tenant, Multi-Website capable & scalable COTS/MOTS reservation & ticketing software platform with an outstanding ability to share & handle complex reservation & ticketing scenarios & with it’s ever evolving feature capabilities, really requires that personal demo!
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