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I want this for reasons

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Who did you think of? :)


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I hate when it people forget that men can deal with the same abuse or rape as women. Not everything that is wrong with the world happens just to women. Men don't always have it easy either

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"Markiplier is such a drama queen.
*his friend and dog died this month
*his mother kicked him out
*he's had serious surgeries
*his dad died
*hes had depression
*he stood up for his relationship and afterwards his girlfriend dumped him
*and more
Look at him
He's had such a bad time.
Now he's crying of joy that people like him and that he can save them from depression. He's happy that people love his videos and care about him. He's happy he has so many new friends now.
He's done charities, dyed his hair for charity, he actually enjoys his job, he's really nice to his fans, his audience is NOT TARGETED TO CHILDREN. THEY ARE FOR FUN.
He is a good man.
Leave him alone. 

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Bands can't break your heart, boys can. Cling to your bands and stay away from the heart breakers my friends,

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People can wear whatever they want.
Ya know what i;m gonna wear a motherfucking crop top

Name: Farrah Newlose

Status: Teacher/Headmaster

Age: 32

Class: Earth Class

Hair: Long blonde hair, kept back in a braid

Appearance: fit, tall and lean. Green eyes and freckles, has glasses, wears a black skirt with a dark green suit jacket and a tie with a black blouse

Personality: Firm and strict with class, can be more care free out of class. Caring towards her students at times

Okay, here's my bio!

Name: Yuki

Age: 15

Element: Water

Specialty: Ice

Hair: Black and really long, goes down to the floor. She keeps it in a braid or pig tails

Appearance: Short, petite, has big blue eyes and rosey cheeks

Personality: cheerful and energetic, always looking on the bright side of things. 
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