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Simply well written.
The very definition of leadership requires a leader to stand apart from the crowd.  If a so-called leader is simply doing the same thing everyone else is doing, they’re not leading at all. They’re following.Yet, we’ve all known leaders that strayed too far from the beliefs of their constituents, or appeared to put on airs of being superior to the group, and in the process they lost tons of  influence.  While they might hold on to the title associ...
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Wilfred Allen

commented on a video on YouTube.
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This video had only 24k views - it's over before it begins - we are a speed bump for DHS and the power of the FED.
(1 Billion people watched Baywatch....)
The current and previous generation DO NOT CARE about protecting their freedoms at all - they believe that anyone who mentions Government tyranny is a NUT JOB.
They are for the most part (not all of them of course) distracted by the latest gadget - famous people or some silly argument masked as a civil rights fight.
Oh look a butterfly - while the police state is rising around them.
Young people - wake up!
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