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Back On The Blog/ Blogging as a Buoy
Here I am
again; Sitting on my old desk chair, headphones in, staring at a mostly empty
Word document trying to come up with a string of words decent enough to be
posted on the interwebs. I had not expected to find myself in this position
ever again. Somewh...

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Feels Like Freedom
First of all, let me begin this post with a sort-of apology for my absence. The past few weeks exams and studying for these exams decided to swallow up all my time and sanity (stress...). Fortunately I have made it through my exam period to come out alive a...

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A Blogpost in Four Acts
Some random Tumblr art, to add to the haphazardnous of this post  Warning: Very random and long post ahead Everyday my summer vacation draws closer, but I'm still in that state where I know it's coming but its just not there yet. While I'm constantly occu...

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When I Fail To Be Pretentious
Totally unrelated collage I made. I've been really into Sylvia Plath lately.  Some time ago I wrote that things were vey hectic in my life, little did I know that was just the begining. The last few days have been blur of graduation ceremonies, extracurricu...

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Talking about music: Vanessa Carlton - Rabbits on the run
Like most people I like music, books and movies. I also really (really really really) enjoy talking about them, but for some reason I don't do that on this blog. That reasons probably is that I feel totally unqualified to share my opinion on entertainment-y...

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Poorly Taken Pictures of Happy Days
I'm feeling really really really good insert bouncing emoticon. The past few days I can't stop myself from smiling. What I'm experiencing is not the kind of happiness that comes with all sorts of 'buts' and 'howevers', it's the good kind. The simple kind....

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Let's play dress up
"Why are you dressed like that?" and "Do you have somewhere special to go to?" Where just a few of several comments I received on my outfit today. When I decided to put on what I was wearing in the morning I had never expected, or hoped for, receiving any r...

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Life's a Ferris Wheel
Life's been keeping me busy, so I haven't had the chance to post as much as I wanted to. With the summer coming up there is a ton of stuff to be finished before everyone decides to relinquish their responsibilities for several weeks. Not just in school, but...

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My love for Jane Austen
If it ever
so happens that I get to confess my love for Jane Austen, people usually assume
– if they don’t just  think I’m an even
bigger nerd than I was before – I just really enjoy the Pride and Prejudice movie with Kiera Knightley. Now, I really do love

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Conversations with old notebooks
I be completely honest? I've been putting writing this post off. Just like I've
been procrastinating on every other creative project in my life. It's not
a very good development and it's making me feel pretty un-awesome. There is one
good thing that com...
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