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Dear statists,
We get it. You have good intentions, you want to fix the world, you want to help. However, your solutions are awful and they have been destructive for centuries. Can we move on already? How much do you really need to test and manipulate before we decide to grow up and progress as a species? Please admit to your mistakes and let us just move on. People tend to admire honesty and courage, something you have little to none of no matter the deception. Come on already, can you all just drop the bullshit and let us start this peaceful era of trade and interaction soon?

Your friend, A Human Being

#Anarchy #EndTheState #Peacemonger
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Statists do not have good intentions and the system is working as intended.
+David Neilson Most people think the state is a good thing.  Do most people really intend the evil we see?  Most people do not have good intentions?  Can't they just be wrong?  
Certainly most people are misguided, even some politicians. Other politicians understand exactly what's going on. But regardless of whether it deliberate or not, the system concentrates power in the hands of, and increases the wealth of the ruling class. And politicians almost never make any attempt to change that because it would not be in their best interests. So the system is not broken, that's how it works.
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