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Let's help Obama fill out Julia's life:
7 years old - On Julia's first airplane trip, TSA gropes her crotch to make sure she is not a Muslim.
21 years old - Julia has hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, and thanks to Obama, she can't even get out of by bankruptcy.
24 years old - Julia is not one of the unemployed, because like many young adults, she has never entered the labor market.
Take a look at how President Obama's policies help a woman over her lifetime — and how Mitt Romney would change her story.
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33 years old - Julia is rounded up in one of Obama's medicinal marijuana raids and spends the next few years in jail.
+Chuck Dahmer But I was hoping we could all chip in and help Obama fill in all the other years of Julia's life. Oh well.
If Julia looked like on of Obama's kids he'd get involved!
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