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Jeff Verkoeyen
I'm a software designer with a passion for open source and building frameworks to make your life easier.
I'm a software designer with a passion for open source and building frameworks to make your life easier.


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+Anton Lopyrev and I have been skating along the Embarcadero for a while now and finally put together a compilation video of the fun we've been having :) /cc +Freeline Sports.
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Just released Nimbus 0.9.1 which removes our strict dependencies on ASI and JSONKit. It's now easier to use Nimbus features without pulling in additional third party libraries.
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I'm pleased to announce the new Nimbus website!

Some cool stuff:

- When code is pushed to master on Github,
is automatically regenerated within 30 seconds.
- The wiki is served off the Nimbus server but modifications are made
through Github's interface. This allows us to use Github for
- The left sidebar on www. uses Github's new events API to fetch the
stream of events related specifically to the Nimbus repo. Try hovering
over any of the events.

How it works on the backend:

- Each of the subdomains is a separate server instance running on the
Nimbus machine. Most of the servers are node.js, but the wiki is ruby
-, docs., and www. are simple node-static servers that
serve up static HTML content.
- Requests to the machine are routed using node.js' http-proxy
- There is a push. domain that is used to set up POST hooks from
Github. We currently use this to ensure that stays up-to-
date without having to explicitly push to the server.
- If you'd like to modify in any way you can fire
off a pull request to
We're using Bootstrap for the site design and it's pretty darn simple
right now.

Let me know if you have any questions/feedback!
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Stop compiling. Start building.

Chameleon brings real-time CSS styling to your iOS applications.
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To the Facebook iPad app users out there, here's a breakdown of some of the things that Brandon and I built that you might not have noticed at first.

Edit: I want to make clear that after I left the iPad project this summer an incredibly talented group of people saw the app through to completion. I in no way deserve credit for the the final result of this app, nor do I intend to seek it out. Sincerely speaking, I only hope that the users of the app enjoy it and find some hidden features that they might otherwise have missed.

- Multiple accounts. You can have up to six accounts added to your iPad app at once; perfect for family iPads.

- The iPad and iPhone app feature a new navigation experience that we built from scratch to harness the power of the touch screen interface. Rather than pressing the back button, try dismissing a page by "throwing" it off to the right.

- Copy the current URL when viewing a web page on both the iPhone and iPad app. You can finally copy URLs by tapping the action button and tapping "Copy URL".

- Leave the photo viewer by pinching the photo inwards. This is will save you the two taps to show the done button and then tap it.

- Quickly scrub through your HD photos in photo albums using the scrubber. When you're looking at a photo in full screen, tap the photo to reveal the scrubber. Swipe your finger left and right to instantly switch between photos.

- Likes and interests on the iPad profile page. You can finally see all of a person's likes and interests displayed visually on a person's profile.

- Switch from the global messages popover to the full-screen messages experience by tapping the action icon in the popover and selecting "Open in Messages".

Feel free to post your own tips in the comments! Hope you're enjoying the app.
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Well hello there new followers.
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Congratulations to everyone at Facebook for the iPad app launch today!
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Just open sourced SOCKit, String <-> Object Coding for Objective C. Think Rails Routing for iOS. Fork/watch at
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The state of Nimbus 2 months in (tl;dr people are really happy with it):!topic/nimbusios/eYOBal1RIew
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