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Wildlife Action Group International
Wir engagieren uns aktiv für den Wildtier- und Naturschutz in Afrika und Asien! We actively support wildlife and nature conservation in Africa and Asia!
Wir engagieren uns aktiv für den Wildtier- und Naturschutz in Afrika und Asien! We actively support wildlife and nature conservation in Africa and Asia!

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Please help me support our project in Malawi to secured funding for 2015 by sharing with your friends and donating. Thank you so much!

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Join us for the iworry International March for Elephants on Friday October 4th.
The International March for Elephants has been organised by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) through their iworry campaign and will be taking place in 15 cities across the globe in the single largest demonstration of awareness for the species.
The ivory trade is an international problem and one which must be recognized by Governments worldwide if we are to see any changes.
Join your local city March and stand in solidarity with elephants.

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Be part of the team and help us to get the project on the Global Giving Challenge of the ground:
Please support (10 $ can do so much!) and share with your friends!! Thank you!
Donations from US are tax-deductable!

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Unterstützt uns bei euren Online-Einkäufen ohne Extrakosten!
Einfach über den folgenden Link bei einem von etwa 400 Shops shoppen gehen und schon erhalten wir eine Spende, ohne dass es euch einen Cent kostet. Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung!

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Thuma Forest Elephants threatened by ultimatum!
Emergency SOS fence appeal

Over the past 12 years the wild elephants of Thuma Forest Reserve, have come back from the brink of extinction, but now face a devastating ultimatum. Previously threatened by habitat loss and poaching the population is now beginning to thrive due to a long term project organised by a non-government organisation called The Wildlife Action Group. (WAG). Now the elephants latest threat comes in the form of an ultimatum from the local government to relocate them to National Parks in Malawi where poaching pressure is considerably higher than in Thuma and they would be certainly be slaughtered.
WAG scouts have worked 365 days a year for 14 years, protecting the elephants from illegal poaching for the Ivory trade and conserving the forest habitat to the benefit of a wider variety of flora and fauna. WAG also works collaboratively with local communities providing education, materials and employment as well as funding long-term income generating initiatives for the local people.
Why the ultimatum?
Continue reading here:

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WAG Malawi given ultimatum over Thuma Forest elephants

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Only 10 days left to make a tax-deductable donation from the US towards our conservation work in Thuma FR, Malawi. We need to raise another 4.605 USD to buy urgently needed equipment for the antipoaching-team.
Please support and share link with your friends:

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Thuma elephants are on Global Giving challenge again.
The cause fundraises for urgently needed equipment for the anti-poaching team in Thuma Forest Reserve. Please support us by donating and sharing the link with your friends. Thank you!
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