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Diana Grossman
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly
I am a Muse, Shaman, Empath and Tantric Yoga Educator of Tantra Butterfly

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I pride myself on loving spontaneity. If you are currently visiting Chicago for personal reasons, business or vacation contact me now and I will create sacred space in your home or hotel room.
I provide a unique and uplifting massage experience in your own space which will include kundalini exploration, tantra education, correct breathing exercises and deep tissue trigger point massage.

I do realize your time is valuable to you so why not allow me to bring everything to you to create some balance and magic back into your world.
You will be unaware of the passage of time and I will guide you with an introduction to energy work, chakra balancing, deep tissue release and somatic cuddling.

As our session concludes you will be left with a coccoon of positive energy, luscious essential oil scents and a feelnfe of deep contentment.
For more options visit my website and then call me directly to schedule your first out call tantra massage in Chicago.

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All new guests are welcome to my tantra massage practice here in Chicago! I prefer working with people passionate about energy work and making dramatic changes in their approach to self healing and self discovery.

Tantra massage is a gateway to explore your boundaries and limitlessness all at the same time 🐦
Tantra massage in Chicago by Goddess Diana
Tantra massage in Chicago by Goddess Diana

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Happy Friday 13th 🐈🐱 to all my loyal tantra followers! Couples tantra massage and full day tantra workshops are offered by me here in Schaumburg, Rosemont, O'Hare and Chicago this April and May.
I have some delicious options to help integrate and solidify your current marriage bond which include four handed massage in the privacy of your home or hotel. You can schedule a coffee meet up with me as a couple anywhere in Chicago or Schaumburg and we can discuss healthy boundaries and have a creative meeting of the minds if only one of you feels comfortable persuing tantra massage and kundalini yoga.

Sacred couples massage works for newlyweds, long term unmarried partners, same sex partners and older married couples seeking a new way to sensually express themselves and release emotions. You will both learn at your own pace and no one will be judging your progress or limiting your full potential to explore sacred touch and bliss.

You may arrange beginners tantra with me solo or with your partner. I offer paid phone consultations and coffee dates so you can both share and delineate your boundaries.

Call me directly for your first tantra couples massage in Chicago or Schaumburg today!

Goddess Diana of
Private reiki sessions, chakra balancing, creative visualization, couples tantra massage and counseling
Visit my WordPress blog here -->
The sacred act of tantra couples massage
The sacred act of tantra couples massage

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Are you ready to begin your first tantra journey? I'm here in Chicago excited to meet new couples seeking tantra coaching or maybe just a few new fun techniques to enjoy while being pampered 💓
I'm offering sensual , nurturing touch in Chicago, reiki, self healing breathing instructions, tantra yoga and aromatherapy blends that will instantly uplift you.
You are invited to indulge in a half day or full day tantra spa immersion which includes beginners tantra in edge play, organic oils, chanting, sound healing and goddess honoring. You may try one of my sacred bathing ceremonies that will create a sense of deep relaxation and expansion in your heart center.
💓 please click directly to my testimonials and if you resonate to my offerings just call me directly at 312-339-7707 or use the contract form on the opening page of my website
You are welcome to like and follow my three Facebook pages --tantra butterfly, camouflage butterfly, and goddess Diana ! All three of these pages will link you directly to my personal website
If you wish to send me a testimonial anonymously simply use my main email address 💓
Visit my blog...get to know me here->
I write personal journal entries and articles on tantra massage and energy work.

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Tantra massage ceremonies in Chicago and anywhere you wish to sponsor me as your sensual guide! Tantra is a vivid exploration of reclaiming your personal power! I will activate your intuition, help speed up your metabolism, empower your healing process you laugh again! Tantra is a portal to enhance your inner intuition and step away from old habits that keep you from your journey into bliss. You will gain your joy back and feel more positive about speaking up for yourself with your partners.

Visit me here in Chicago and please make sure to read my website carefully here at

We will engage in holographic breathing exercises (yes that's my unique phrase), somatic cuddling, strengthening your self love muscle and authentic tantra touch. You will have so many options between a refreshing 90 minute bliss journey to a half or full day of Tantra retreats in my hometown Chicago.

If you are seeking sound healing, sacred touch, kegel exercises, deep tissue bodywork and aromatherapy with herbal tinctures you will be delighted sharing sacred space with me. Prior to our first meeting you will have a chance to ask me questions as I get to know more about you, your goals and your background.

Couples, single men and women, survivors of incest, wounded warriors and all curious seekers of sacred bliss are welcome to contact me directly and begin your unique tantra journey.

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Now that women and AND Men are feeling the need to express their own unique journeys with regards to molestation and victimization I also wish to participate in the ME TOO Campaign.  My purpose for doing so is not to VILLAINIZE  my rapist but to illuminate and settle old Karmic debt. 

Women in the sex industry can be victimized in their homes or hotels or by their closest friends.  It doesn't matter how you look whether you are a highly polished professional, a casual hipster or a ravishing model stunner type.  You can be victimized simply because you let down your guard and let you the wrong person in your Sacred Space.

My yoni is my Sacred Space.  If I did not personally invite you to share sacred sex with me then you have RAPED and pillaged my yoni if you have taken me by force to suit your selfish needs and desires.  Rapists never feel satiate.  Rapists choose to terrorize a woman to display DOMINANCE and not love.  Being raped is not romantic it is an act of violence and TERRORISM.

IF you asked repeatedly for sex and I repeatedly said no and you decide to overpower me you have raped me and taken something and some part of me THAT IS NOT YOURS! 

During this article I have clearly outed a member of TER a board known as the The erotic review which I am a member of too.  This individual's real legal name is hidden sadly because this event happened to me in October of 2012 by a paid member known as RXREP.  He chose not only to rape me after out two hour tantra massage session but he decided to slander me online for all to see to harm my reputation in the Atlanta, Georgia area just when I was trying to establish my practice in a new city.  Perhaps RXREP was encouraged to maim my reputation on the behest of another provider in my field who saw me as competition.  Perhaps RXREP did not know how to honor me based on the fact that I have a Jewish last name and so he decided to commit a hate crime based on my religious belief systems.  I consider myself to be spiritual not religious but I honor all unless of course I am placed in a position where I feel I must defend myself and my honor.

I share this ME  TOO article here in the hopes that if you too were victimized by this non being you will also verbalize your feelings either out loud to a good friend, a counselor or express yourself on your own personal blog for all to see.

We need to have more empathy for others.  We need to protect ourselves and our characters.  We need to right what is ethically wrong and unsound.

No one deserves to be Raped not Me---Not YOU  (ever).

Please read, share and enjoy.  Please seek professional help or counseling if you can't get past the event or if you are still feeling residual anger towards the one who victimized you.

My main website is
and my blog is

If you wish to follow me on twitter go to

like my facebook pages here

Share your story with others!  Join the ME  TOO campaign...we have so much in common especially sex workers and sexual surrogates.  Don't be silent!  Don't continue to be a VICTIM! ✬☆☼

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Have you wondered what Goddess Worship truly means?  I have a huge hint for has absolutely nothing to do with BDSM or domination.  In fact the word Goddess itself is life affirming and a Goddess helps you grow spiritually and helps awaken your natural abilities to heal others and yourself. 

Mythological goddesses had supernatural abilities and they had magical abilities to transport you out of the mundane.  They breathe life into you literally! 

Read more about my offerings on my two websites.  My main website is and is a always a work in progress meaning I love sharing my knowledge of Tantra with all of you and will always upload new services and articles and more photos in the future to help enhance your understanding of Tantra yoga.

Read articles I have written on my word press blog which I wrote based on my personal experiences as a healer and events that happened to me both good and bad during my career.

If you are visiting Chicago NOW is the time to seek out my services.  I offer Tantra Massage in Chicago, Erotic massage in Chicago,  Sensual Massage in Chicago, Reiki in Chicago, Couples Tantra in Chicago and Couples Massage in Chicago.  I am always available for sponsorship if you give me enough notice!

Tantra is a Tool you can use daily to help you attract more positive flow in your daily life.  If you practice the Tantra exercises and Tantra deep breathing every day you will trigger more powerful emotional and physical healing in your body and you will learn to become more mindful during your day to day routine.

I want you to share my techniques with your partner and hopefully regain your bliss and lost child inside of you!

Tantra is not for entertainment purposes only but rather tantra is an act of kindness, manifestation and mutual healing you can share with people you love.  If you want more positivity in your life then Tantra yoga and Tantra Massage in Chicago is a lifeline of opportunities.
Make use of these opportunities while I am here to offer you a selection of Tantra Ceremonies that will leave you feeling Tingling,refreshed and awakened!

Goddess Diana
Sensual Healer, Muse, Reiki Master
Couples Tantra Coach and Educator

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Tokyo Vampire Hotel ~ Review
Tokyo Vampire Hotel ~ Review

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Goddess Diana of offers tools to help you unblock your chakra centers and strengthen your inner core.  I suggest you undulge in a full day of Tantra Massage and Tantra Yoga with me in Chicago this September.
Fall is a time when we uncover our weaknesses and reflect on the past.  We review our lives and seek to make positive changes.  Tantra will physically prepare you for greater Abundance and the ability to make wiser choices as we activate your third eye.

Please enjoy my new article and if you are not familiar with my blog please read more at then get ready to be overwhelmed when you decide to have a full day journey of Tantra Yoga in Chicago.
Tantra & Kundalini Awakenings
Tantra & Kundalini Awakenings
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