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Precisely why I finally switched to OpenSuse earlier this year. 
Installed Fedora 19 on my new laptop. Wanted to leave Windows 8 on it, just so I can test from time to time what the competition does.

What an odyssey. Booted the F19 livecd on usb, tried to change the size of the NTFS partitions via Anaconda. Alas, it immediately crashed with a python backtrace when I clicked on the the NTFS partition. Then booted Windows, used the Windows built-in partitioner. Stupid thing. Refused to chop off more than 50GB because of "unmovable files". Then downloaded some gparted live cd, dd'd it onto USB, but the thing refused to boot (MBR?, not a hybrid ISO? Who even still owns CDs drives.... how retro...). Then booted F19 livecd, looking for some partition tool. No gparted, and low-level parted can't do it. Didn't want to manually repartition and use ntfsresize. Downloaded an Ubuntu live-cd. Fought with Unity, managed to started gparted (which they include). Repartitioned everything, worked. Tried to check if everything was allright, now gparted refused to start again and crashed. Rebooted back into F19 livecd, started anaconda. Crashed, apparently because it listens for AP data from networkmanager, and didn't like that. Turned off Wifi. Restarted Anaconda, tried to get it to acknowledge my german keyboard, no chance, used US kbd instead. Selected manual partitioning. Couldn't figure out how to get unencrypted btrfs for root, and encrypted btrfs for /home. (I figure they consider "btrfs" a partitioning scheme, and so you can only have one huge volume, and not one btrfs volume on LUKS and one without.)  Left /home out. Installed. Rebooted! Worked! Filed rhbz 981465.

Now, let's remove this awful grub2 madness (at least it doesn't do a splash screen any more, that's so much better) and replace it by Gummiboot, and I actually might have a working machine again.

Summary: Computers suck. Windows sucks. And so does Fedora.

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A brave new world of publishing.

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