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Short update on the "Core Updater" project: +Kay Strobach is now the main mentor of that project, supported by +Oliver Klee as co-mentor. I'm going to surveil the actions from my hide-out in the shadows... ;)

Hey core updater group,

I've just created this community to have a common place to share our ideas and to meet up for further details. I'm not sure whether Google+ is the preferred way for you to communicate. Just let me know if it's fine or whether you prefer something else.

The first/next steps for this project are:
+ introduction round - who is doing what and what are the goals
+ check availability - how much time can you spend on this GSoC project
+ let TYPO3 community know what we are doing - short abstract about this project
+ let TYPO3 community know who we are - short info about us with a nice portrait picture
+ analyze the project and check the current TYPO3 core components
+ define roadmap of tasks and milestones

Let's get started! :)

Cheers, Olly

Hi everybody,
maybe you can help me out... I'm searching the initial proposal of my student as a reference. However, the projects links in the dashboard now just deliver a very rough abstract and cannot find more details anymore. Thanks for any hints... :)
Cheers, Olly

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Last weekend with TYPO3 enthusiasts at FOSDEM in Brussels
The last weekend I spent at FOSDEM in Brussels. It was a blast – I met lots of nice people and had good conversations about Open Source, TYPO3, Flow, Neos and PHP.
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