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Enthusiastic College Psychology Instructor
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Such a moving, powerful story. I'm so impressed by the love and courage of the younger woman as she advocates for her sister.

As the parent of an only child who has special needs that will limit his independence, I often think about the issues raised in this blog post.

Thanks to +Mz Maau for posting this.
So here's a thing, about "E is for Edna". It's a long read, but worth it, I think.

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This is interesting!

I used to volunteer for the art teacher of a public school. She was a delightful, passionate teacher who earned a Fulbright one summer and used it to explore some famous art and architectural sites abroad. Upon her return, she told me about this theft that happened to her and someone explaining that she needed to make a "trade" with the little thief!

Thanks to +John Hummel for sharing the post and for the philosophical interpretation of the findings :-)

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Congratulations to all of the recent college students who are graduating!

This was neat to see this morning at the University of Minnesota CLA graduation ceremony. I was one of the faculty on stage and could see the envelop on the podium a split second before Bamford let on about what she was doing ... and was thinking, "is she about to very generously reduce the debt of a graduating student ?!?"

Bamford gave a witty speech about resiliency, by the way. 

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An interesting read

thanks for posting this +Joanne Manaster

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For my research methods students

Thanks to +Chad Haney for posting this.

Reliable Science News
Where are you getting your science news? The analysis summarized by paints a sad picture for what I'll call general science news. Of course many of us get news specific to our fields via specialized journals, conferences, and colleagues. For the general audience, scientists and science enthusiasts, there are some poor choices out there.

I think it's great they didn't mention IFLS, which is on par with Food Babe. I am curious why Mosaic wasn't mentioned.

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Group Projects

Gotta love them

and a thanks to +Ralf Haring for sharing the post

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Achievement and Opportunity Gap

Cool mention of some developmental research that friends and colleagues were involved in:

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The Turdis...
made me spit out my coffee :-)
thanks to +Daniel Sprouse for sharing

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Happy Friday!!
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