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TNG Eggs

This is egg actly what I need in my stream.


love it, and a shout out to +Charlie Hoover  for posting it.
Captions anyone? =) 
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Very nicely done +Charles Barouch .

+  1000
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Chryle Elieff

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Not a Peep or the Bunny Gets it

Today, I set out to replicate +Diane Schmidt 's Easter Toffee Recipe.  This recipe involves butter, sugar, and saltine crackers as a base, and then white chocolate chips, grass, and jelly beans as a decorative topping.  You can view the details of the recipe here:

Unfortunately, due to a recent fall on the ice while I was walking back to my office after teaching my class (yes, it snows in April in Minnesota), I have been recovering at home for the past two days.  I bake when I'm bored and restless, so I did not have the necessary materials to directly replicate the recipe above.

No saltines, no white sugar (what?  I've been baking a lot!), and no eatable grass

So I layered a jelly roll pan with Chessman cookies...but I ran out, so I then had to use some nilla wafers.  There were gaps where the circular nilla wafer cookies were layered, so I put chocolate chips in them.  If you have to plug gaps, chocolate is a good building material.

I boiled 1 cup of brown sugar with 1 cup of butter (two sticks) until it darkened (4ish minutes) and then poured that over the cookies.  It was hard to spread, so I popped it all in the over at 350 degrees until it oozes over all the cookies (about 6 minutes).

I then threw some white wilton  candy melts on the layers and spread that evenly over the top.  I let it cool just a bit and then put jelly beans and bunny peeps on top. 

Still shockingly good. 

Can't go wrong when you mix butter, sugar, chocolate and cookies, I suppose.
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+Chryle Elieff - Though that looks like a fun way to get rid of peeps, I think my kiddos would much prefer I give it to them! ;-)
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Peeps Research

By now, most people have seen the classic peeps research page here:

One of my favorite undergraduate research assistants shared that site with me well over a decade and a half ago when it first came out (Thanks, Peggy).  I even did a replication of one of the studies for a class I was teaching and it negatively impacted the microwave I had borrowed (as an important safety tip, you want to watch peeps carefully if you pop them in the microwave on high for any extended period of time).

This gem, was sent to me a while back, and I was reminded of it again when I read something in one of the comments to a post in my stream:

So, enjoy these marshmallows in any way you'd like.
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Cruel and unusual treatment of Peeps might void the warranty... 
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What EXACTLY Do April Snow Showers Bring?!?

I fell on the ice as I trudged in the snow from the building where I teach to my office. 

This morning

And so we ask, is this winter going to end?
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My son said that he saw a post somewhere that said, RIP Spring. It appeared briefly, but I guess it's over now. 
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Low Maintenance Pet?

We just put together a Lego At-At for the Kiddo, and it reminded me of this classic Star Wars homage.  I know it's a bit early for Star Wars Tuesday, but it made me laugh to remember this:
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Lol it pooped a hut
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Chryle Elieff

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 *Half for you and half for me*
Between us two shall goodwill be.

I love +Laura Gibbs 's posts on folklore and traditions because I always learn something new...

about something old

HOT CROSS BUNS (and their folklore) in the class announcements for today, Good Friday:
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Yes about the food!:-)
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Buster Eyes His Basket

Throw Back Thursday tbt was yesterday, but today is fido Friday, and this weekend many people will be celebrating Easter. 

I was looking through some old photos of my beloved Rhodesian Ridge(less)back, and I found this one and thought I would share it.  Buster looks so young!  Hard to believe he's almost 11.

So, happy throwback Thursday (or rather FRIDAY), happy fido Friday, and happy candy and treat-eating :-)
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Nope. It's the rare cat that you can dress up. 
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Bunny Bark!

Love this cute and creative idea shared by +Diane Schmidt  (so a shout out to her)
Easter Egg Toffee
My kind of Easter Egg Hunt!!!
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Edit: I could see the appeal of having a few colorful marshmallow peep bunnies perched on the white chocolate.
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Pick a Card

Love this one.  It's a classic, but it is much better than the card trick I did in my class recently :-)

A shout out to +Steve Esterly  for sharing it into my stream...

and a question for any talented plussers who are good with card tricks-- how on earth can I learn to flip a card with grace and finesse because right now it always looks like I have double sticky sided tape all over my hands :-(
How the heck...?!?

Via +Steve Troman
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The cards that are shown after you choose your card are not the same ones that were shown before you chose your card.
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It's a Walkman

I actually found one of these when I moved a couple of years ago.  Compared to my nano, it was heavy and huge.  The responses of these kids are hysterical!  And this is a neat reminder of how far our technology has come.

a shout out to +Laura Gibbs  for the post.

and for the record, my Walkman still worked-- I found a mix tape to play on it in order to test it :-)
This is adorable.
Originally marketed in 1979, the first Sony Walkman turns 35 this year, and it's about as outmoded as a technology can be these days. That's why it's understandable that the kids in this delightful video, none of whom were not alive in the 90s, have no idea how to use the thing. Or what it's for. They can't even conceive a world in which a Walkman is useful.
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+Chryle Elieff - Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  I can listen to it on my face!!!! ;-)
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