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Frozen Fjord

I just love walking around on a frozen fjord...looking for interesting shapes and patterns.

If you want to explore Arctic Norway and at the same time have a freakin awesome time...check out 

#formatthitech   #lucroit  

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this makes me so happy.

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Pasta with Summer on Top

I tried to add this to the recipe post but there is no 'photo' icon in the edit post footer. so I 'onno.

Inspiration struck me this morning. (recipe)

see, I have two CSA subscriptions going on at the same time for a few weeks because the one I use year-round is a pay a chunk in advance at a time for discounts kind (Full Circle, highly recommended btw) and I had a bit of cash left on the account when my regular (really local) seasonal CSA was ready to start.

long story short, my teeny fridge is full to bursting with fresh vegetables right now and it's getting desperate. Remembering that some recipe once told me that french breakfast radishes are called that because the french sautee them with butter and salt for breakfast inspired me to make a breakfast for myself that used up a big chunk of the veg I needed to get to first.

it ended up tasty, light and I had to stop myself from licking the bowl. so I thought, hey, I can share that. This comes together really fast, you don't want to cook the vegetables too much or they lose that fresh snap.

here go.

Pasta with summer on top
serves 2-3


1 cup whole wheat pasta spirals, cooked al dente with salt, drained
olive oil spray
3 garlic scapes, trimmed and sliced (about 1/8" - 1/4" rounds)
1 spring onion, white parts sliced thin, green parts set aside for later
1 bunch radishes (I had 10-12 from 2 different varieties to use up)
2 large zucchini, trimmed and chopped (large chop is great)
kosher salt
fresh ground pepper
lemon juice
seasoning, to taste (I used TJ's everyday seasoning, about 10 grinds)


1- sautee garlic and onion over medium high heat in a spray of olive oil until fragrant and the onion is getting translucent, about 4 minutes

2- add radishes, sautee for a few minutes more

3- add zucchini and a splash of kosher salt, cover pan and let steam for a few minutes, I added another spray of olive oil here, too

4- while the squash cooks, put the pasta in a large bowl, season with ground pepper and desired seasonings, add the spring onion greens, thinly sliced and a few squeezes of lemon juice (I had to use real lemon because I have no citrus on hand, it would be way better with a whole fresh lemon)

5- uncover veg mix, stir for a few minutes to combine and pour over pasta.

6- stir to coat, taste and add more lemon juice and kosher salt as you like.

7- NOM! 

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Here is a terrific update on adorable 9-year-old entrepreneur Caine Monroy and his amazing arcade

I love happy endings. +Mathew Ingram

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this is awesome. I have no idea why the thumbnail is wrong though :/
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