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Helping Sales Professionals Succeed in the New Economy.
Helping Sales Professionals Succeed in the New Economy.

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A great comparison of Productive Versus Busy People | Anderson Leadership Solutions 

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A decline in holiday shopping? Rafi sets us straight: How Black Friday Lost its Mojo - Harvard Biz Review

RT Bruce Van Horn: The reward of our work is not what we get, but what we become. - Paulo Coelho via David Hassell

RT Bruce Van Horn: Good things never come easy. You know you have something good when it was hard to get. - OolaLife #Oola

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In the last four weeks, if you've been following the Sales Mastery Summit, you've picked up a whole pile of new skills to increase your selling success. Sixteen of the industry's most respected experts have shared their best ideas to help you grow. Put these ideas into action and you can't help but improve your results. In fact, if you haven't already, get started now. Practice a new skill every day. Observe your customers' responses. Smile and try out the next skill.

But for unlimited access members, the Sales Mastery Summit has created a special treat from our experts. We asked each of them to pick one action you could take today to increase your success. Just one. And their responses are all waiting for you in the video at the link below:

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Kevin Allen, author of The Hidden Agenda, tuned his radar early in his selling career to pick up on the emotions that drive decision makers so he could sell to what they are feeling.

In today's interview at the Sales Mastery Summit, he'll reveal how you can "read the room" to uncover everyone's personal motivations and address them in your pitch. This is the skill that can separate you from the pack. In fact, it's the skill that won his firm the Mastercard "Priceless" campaign that we all enjoy, as well as many others.

Watch today for FREE when you register at

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We are webcasting a series of 14 expert interviews over three weeks.  Each interview gives the viewer tactical actions they can put to work immediately to improve their sales results.  And viewing the webcast each day is free. Nowhere else can a sales professional get access to this level of expertise that is so accessible and easy to digest.  Register now at for our next interview on July 9th with Kevin Allen.

One of three goals for all procurement managers is to save money. One of the tactics they use is the Delay Tactic – they use a sale’s reps goals and revenue timing to delay their decision until they know you are desperate to make your goal. Then they are likely to get you to offer a lower price for what they need to buy anyway. Hold strong and you will still get the order. Or use the multiple offers approach so you don’t de-value your product by giving a lower price.

Chris Provines authority on Negotiating with Backbone and an expert with the Sales Mastery Summit, says that Procurement Leaders feel the recession has helped them come out the big winners. With the same number of suppliers chasing a smaller budget, they are winning big price concessions. Be prepared with multiple offers at different price points so you can respond confidently when asked for a lower price without de-valuing your product. Procurement managers actually respect this. (Chris should know – he managed a $3 Billion procurement budget for a Fortune 50 company).

Sam Richter- Know More, an expert at the Sales Mastery Summit, says to search the internet vs. surf, you must set up a Boolean search. If you have forgotten how to use the AND/OR/NOT rules, Google makes it easy when you click on Advanced Search on the lower left side of any search. To get past a gatekeeper, find a personal interest of your customer by creating a search that associates your customer’s name (in quotes) with websites that end in .org (use *.org or Google’s Advanced Search). That will tell you what non-profits your customer is associated with and give you a way to connect past the gatekeeper.
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