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Sandra Sallin
I'm a professional artist who has become a 72-year-old-blogger with way too many lipsticks.
I'm a professional artist who has become a 72-year-old-blogger with way too many lipsticks.

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OKAY. I'll try it!
Why Bloggers Need to be Using Pocket

Honestly, I have no idea how I managed without it. Pocket is a link saving tool that works very well on both phones and desktops. If you run Chrome, you can get the extension, which allows you to save any page for further reading.

Why Not Just Use Pinterest? This is the number one question I asked myself too. Here's why Pinterest is not a good place to store "later reading".

Pinterest is a social platform. It's a stream of content that is public. Now, you could use secret boards, but honestly- a lot of articles I read don't have images that I like. I want to hit one button and be done with it.

You do not want to be loading your boards with content you haven't fully vetted yet. Your Pinterest strategy will tank if people can't trust the content you put out there.

Pocket hooks up with Twitter beautifully The truth is that in order to save a tweeted link, you have to go to the post first, then pin it. Pocket has a little add-on that allows you to save the link to read later- no need to navigate off Twitter.

As a blogger, your social media profiles need to be full of good content, and not just your own. This means you need to be a researcher, and not just a broadcaster. Pocket helps you find and save content of others that might be interesting to your followers.

Happy Sunday!
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Now is the time to have this talk.

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The eternal question.

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Some really useful information for bloggers!

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Great useful inormation!

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I've always wondered how she did it. Now it can be told.

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Congratulations ladies. Way to go!

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Warm your heart story.
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