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It gets even better. You can set a long password but you can't actually use it on the login form, which has maxlength=12 on the password field.
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Speaking of Google+ UI, this works great to remove some of the latest wrongness.
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Dear Google+ UI designers...

If you're signed in to multiple Google users but the one that is considered the primary user isn't a G+ user, there's no way to switch to the Plus-enabled user from -- it will only let you enable G+ for the primary user, even though that's almost certainly not what you want to do in this case.

Workaround: Go to Calendar since that works for all types of Google users, switch to the user you wish to use G+ as, then click over to Plus from there.

Also, why isn't the usual top bar of links to Search, Calendar, etc on this new "upgrade" to Google+ page? It's not polite to trap people in dead end pages.

I'm trying to give Google+ a chance but it keeps getting less likable.
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