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Hello, how is your garden growing? Are you sowing, planting or reaping?
I'm an organic gardener & I find that to keep on sowing, planting, growing is the way to success (among other way things). So 3 varieties of potatoes are going in over Easter for example. (It's also great to spread the season over many varieties.) How about you?
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I helped my Dad drive a machine like this one year. Turning the wheel back well before the straight was essential to prevent going in a circle. My Dad's photo is on m home page
Out and about today.......... look what I found. You don't see one of these everyday :~)

#ohio  #vintage #construction machinery #huber  

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Happy gardening ahead. Frogs are gone now but find out where they are hiding on my blog for 2nd April  

Although the pond looks somewhat abandoned just now, hundreds of tadpoles are wriggling in lively clumps. Around about seed heads are still on my flowers & the sparrows & finches are loving it. Later on I'll see these (seed eating) birds picking blackfly off from my beans & flower stalks. More coming soon here -

Today is the first day of spring and this morning outside, I sowed 'Zebrune' Shallot seed, and planted 'Golden Gourmet' Shallot sets.

Onions should be manured for a previous crop - they do well to follow potatoes. However, I laid down a light sprinkling of chicken manure pellets deeply beneath seed and sets. I will be sowing & planting more later.

I also mixed in Bone Meal. Worm casts are good to add too but I don't have enough. Bone Meal is known for its phosphate content and this goes into root growth. But it also contains nitrogen. Note that when a plant develops strong roots it can more easily obtain food for itself.

I sowed herb seeds of 'Good King Henry' inside my greenhouse. It can be sown outside in April. I've read that it prefers shade, it certainly does not like it dry. So I turned on my seep hose for 5 minutes.
Happy gardening.

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An beautiful video which is quite amazing to watch.

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For success in organic pest control I can't recommend better than you create a pond habitat somewhere in your garden. Frogs are voracious feeders on slugs and snails. Check my photos here:

Polytunnels, greenhouses, or cloches ? Polytunnels have become a fashion but don't get carried away if you're a gardener. Larger produces are attracted by easy to handle and build materials. For the small gardener the advantages are doubtful. To see my reason for this click here:-

Well surprise! I'm still picking broad bean pods, the last I think. But the succulent broad bean shoots with fragrant flowers on have been very tasty. What a surprise to find some pods though. That's the thing with beans, you always miss some.
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