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Ayyyye ciao bella gente! I'm Willow. Your local tree who makes a lot of noise.

I'm 17, but in real life people think I'm about 22. Don't ask me why. I have no clue.

I sing, play flute, dabble in piano and fail at harp. I'm doing my best though. I really want to be a musician. It's my dream career.
That said though, I wanna do acting too. And I am doing acting. Dream role? Clarabelle from the Skulduggery Pleasant books, if they're turned into a film.

I love all things creepy and all things pretty. Also, good protagonists are overrated. The half good, half bad ones are the best.

Obsessed with H&M and Chai Lattes.

Favourite Books:
~Skulduggery Pleasant~
~The Adventures Of Tintin~
~Percy Jackson + Heroes of Olympus~
~The Name Of The Wind~

✨Celebrities I've met✨
~Sean Astin~
~Christopher Sabat~
~Brianna Hildebrand~
~John Noble~
~Jade & Ryan (Cheez TV)~

"Honey glamour's got me out of my mind, like a kill switch on my backside. And the cameras got you frozen in time like a save state, in a game file. It's a heart beat, on a hard drive."

"You'll never know what hit you, won't see me me closing in. I'm gonna make you suffer. This hell I'm in, I'm underneath your skin.The devil within.... you'll never know what hit you."

"Mister Krushchev said, 'We will bury you', I don't subscribe to this point of view. It'd be such an ignorant thing to do if the Russians love their children too."

You can find me here, too:
💖 Twitter - Willow Lucy / Clarabelle_SP
💖 Youtube - Willow Lucy
💖 Insta - willow.lucy
💖 Deviantart - willowlucy
💖 Wattpad - Willow_Lucy
💖Tumblr - sassydreamlandgirl

Shout outsss:

+Yeck Heck (aka Cath), She's my halfblood demigod long lost princess sister, not to mention my favourite writer and my partner in crime. She's probably the person I've known the longest on here. Also she is my tato and MY BABE. <3

+Saint Scorpio. He's easily my best friend (along with Cath). He's generally awesome, has an epic youtube channel (Starving Artists, which he runs with some friends) and has a good taste in music.

+Nyyotta is my fellow Australian. She posts the most awesome pictures ever and is so amazing to talk to! One day we're going to have to catch up.

+colormylife is one of my favourite people. She posts amazing aesthetics and her entire page is goals. She's guaranteed to make you smile!

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Baby we built this house
On memories
Take my picture now
Shake it til you see it
And when your fantasies
Become your legacy
Promise me a place
In your house of memories

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I've been following paperfury's twitter for a while and somehow managed to miss that they have a blog. xD So yeah I just discovered it and it's AMAZING everyone should check it out. 

Gaaaaah photos from Life Is A Cabaret are out but if I want to download them I need to buy them and I don't have $17 per picture I want to download. 

I have too many story ideas spinning around in my head and they're driving me crazy it'll take forever to separate them all and get them into an order than makes sense. 

Ayyye youtube frens (or people who like making videos), I'm running the +The Pearls of Catharsis Times youtube channel, and I'm looking for three videos to feature on the channel.

The theme is "Summer" - it can be anything from a vlog, to a summer essentials video, or just a ton of pretty nature shots.

PM me if you're interested and I can pass on extra details and all that.

Please share this around! <3

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Basically just a post on what I'm doing regarding the Wattys. c:

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The story is based in a fantasy world I've made for another story I'm working on so yeee I guess you could call it a spin off?? IDK. But yeee short story!

I've entered this and "Return Of The Departed" into the #Wattys2017 and honestly I'm kinda excited...

Also like I published all of Powers (it was literally just one long piece of writing, and then I decided to chop it up into six parts to post) so yeah. It's all up. The whole short story. No waiting for a week for the next chapter. yeeee.

"Return Of The Departed" is one of the up and coming Skulduggery Pleasant stories and I'm so happy about that.

I hope it'll get a few dedicated readers, that'd be nice. :3
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