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My lady just published her second book:

I am so proud of her. If you like vampire stories, take a look.

Also available in Kindle.
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May 3rd, 2017

FYI: Major phishing going on right now. Local TV is reporting it. I've been bit and I'm pretty good at spotting it.

The phish is an email stating that somebody that has you in their contacts has shared a google document with you to view. If you click on the "open document" link it takes you to the GOOGLE authentication page. It then asks for permission for google docs to manage your document and your contacts.

The phisher then pulls your contact list and sends email AS YOU from your gmail account.

Careful people.
May 3rd, 2017

Off topic help request

Google+ recently changed and my "chat" function seems to have gone away. If anybody knows how to bring that back please let me know here.

Also I'm not seeing the "section" to post to in creating a post so I'm sorry moderators.

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For all the rabid gun grabbers.  Of course they will always hate those that would defend themselves.

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Sunday I did my good deed for the month, I took the wife to a Ted Cruz event.  My first real political event.  Listening to Ted speak was wonderful.  I was there when he said something like: drafting women lacks common sense.  We don't want women in a fox hole having to fight off a 220 pound man trying to kill her. 

When he started saying it I thought "What?  You think our soldiers would attack a fellow solider?" and then he completed the statement and it was clear that he was talking about an ENEMY solider trying to kill her.

The good deed was that after listening to Ted my wife,  a teacher, has decided that she is going to vote for Ted in the NH primary and that he is her choice for president as well.

One of the things that resonated with the crowd was that the US Supreme court was in the balance and how he wanted strict constitutionalist on the bench.  How his lodestone was the Constitution. 

Also, he asked how many people were from out of state.  Almost 50% of the people there were not from NH which surprised the heck out of me.

On the "things you learn".  The campaign does not sell nor provide all those "Cruz" buttons and lawn signs.  Most of that stuff is sold by third party vendors.  And I couldn't get yard signs because the vendor was restocking as he had sold out.

On the other side of the fence there were a couple of moments that were cringe worthy.  Two involved smaller children.  The children were put on the outside of the audience where there was easy access to the stage.  It allowed Ted to decide if he wanted that child up on the stage with him.  It was obvious that they were reading their questions and that the questions came from some adult, even if offered by a child.  I'm sure that all candidates do things like that but it was a bit bothersome.

As he opened the floor for questions he said something like "I will answer or dodge your questions to the best of my ability".  A girl just in front of me asked about "equality as it applies to GLBTs", I didn't hear the entire question.  His pivot was masterful.  He dodge and was back on his points regarding equality of opportunity and reducing big government and and and.  The wonderful thing was as he was dodging and not answering her question she was nodding along with him as if this was the most insightful answer she had ever heard.  Great job.
I hope you all get a chance to attend a candidate's event.  Seeing it in person was so much more powerful than seeing the news reports.
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Does anybody have a list of official candidate pages where donations can be made? I have a policy of never submitting money to mass e-mailings but do want to support my candidate of choice and of course I'm always leery of the scammer of the week claiming he represents a candidate but is only taking money.

It's a bleak world out there.

I listen to the radio as I do my 1+ hour commute every morning.  They are currently doing a cash give away.  Be the 100th caller and win $500!!!

When the get the winning caller they joke around.  Get the name, tease them about how excited they do or do not sound.  And then they ask "What are you going to do with the money."

3 years ago the answer was almost always a "splurge" type event.
5 years ago even more so.
Today?  "Pay some bills."

This is a more telling statement of our economy, to me, than any number of graphs or employment rates.  These are normal every day people, selected at random from a large metropolitan listening area (Boston) and most of the winners are going to use this found money to pay bills.


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My Opinion is just as valuable as yours!

Having spent a day in battle with an Internet Troll I then decided to have a discussion with my lady, to try and understand what is happening.  She brings an extra prospective as she was conditioned as a child to be a liberal and at one point was a libetard. 

The first thing that came to light is that trolls use loose language in order to avoid being pinned down as to meaning.  "There is a link between CO_2 and atmospheric temperatures."  This is true but it is not the same as "correlation" or "causation".  The more concise language allows us to have an agreement as to meaning, the loose language allows the troll to change the meaning if they are about to be penned down.

The next thing that I observed was that the troll will pick definitions that are non standard.  You then have a long discussion, prove your point and then are told "We weren't talking about that definition but this one instead."  Example: Taxes are an expense is my statement.  The trolls statement is that Taxes are calculated off of profits and the Federal tax return doesn't allow you to count federal taxes as an expense therefore taxes are not an expense.  HUH?  By picking the very closed definition of "Can be included as an expense on your federal tax return" and ignoring the common understanding and accounting definition the troll is able to wiggle out of acknowledging that taxes are part of the costs of doing business.

Next is the "My opinion is just as good as anybody else's".  This trope resonates with the  equal out come mindset.  No, your opinion is not as good as mine in my area(s) of expertise.  If you are sick you go and get opinions.  The opinion of your general doctor, your specialist and others in the medical profession are going to be more accurate and better than your mom's or your best friend's opinion.

Your opinion is your opinion but you really have to be able to back your opinion with facts.  An opinion back with facts can be discussed and refuted.  An opinion that is just an opinion is worthless.  And you will never be able to make progress.

Another troll characteristic is to belittle you.  They will claim you don't understand, have brain issues, have reading comprehension issues.  Anything and everything to avoid admitting that their words are not what they are claiming or that they have said things they have not.  This moves back to their inability to admit to facts that are contrary to their opinions.

In general it is a waste of your time to argue with trolls.  Call them out.  Educate the others that might be reading and then leave the field to the smelly creature.  They are not worth your time.

Forcing religious believes on others....

The other day a quote from Hillary Clinton float by on this stream.  It said something to the affect "Christian leaders should update their doctrine to reflect modern beliefs about gay marriage."

In my opinion this is the crux of the issue.  If you believe that your religious laws are handed down by God then you are not allowed to change those laws.  Those are gods laws.  When some extremest screams that I should change my religious beliefs to match his he is forcing his religious beliefs.

It doesn't matter if this is some right wing nut job screaming about how doing work on the Sabbath is a sin and should be illegal or some left wing nut job screaming that I will change my definition of sin to match their definition they are both attempting to force their religious beliefs on me.

The hypocrisy that exists is deafening.  We have people that wont touch a cult because "religious freedom" and that wont condemn a religion that forces child marriages because "religious freedom" don't see that they are demanding changes in other peoples religion.

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A few weeks ago I was watching a Bill Whittle(sp?) video about the best conservative movies.  One that was mentioned The Lives of Others.

It is the story of a Stasi "investigation" of a playwright.  It is very intense and very scary.  It took me a while to get through because it is only subtitled in English but the dialog is German.

I strongly suggest that people take some time and watch this movie.

It will give you more insight into what it means to never know who is listening.
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