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Brendan West
Husband, father, editor, cyclist, hiker. What good shall I do this day?
Husband, father, editor, cyclist, hiker. What good shall I do this day?

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Main complaint with Google Plus: I get these "hot on Google" posts in my feed from people I’m not following. I get it, they want me to follow more people and grow the site, I just wish I could turn it off.

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Huh. Trying to decide if this is a big blow to A.T.&T., pride-wise, or if they just didn't care.
+Starbucks Coffee and Google have teamed up to bring faster, free WiFi to all 7k company-owned stores in the U.S. over the next 18 months. You'll know that the WiFi at your favorite Starbucks has gone Google when you see the "Google Starbucks" network pop up. Read more on the OGB:

Videos posted into the G+ stream aren't viewable on the iPhone app. Even though they're from, in this case, Vimeo.

Spotify woo!

Happy Bastille Day!

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Not going to lie. I had no idea my cousin's name was actually W. Christopher West. Thought it was just Chris. Sorry Chris.

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U.S. Bills mission complete.

There is something trying to get out of our drop ceiling in the newsroom...

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This guy writes about space the way space should be written about.

"When Atlantis slips out of orbit for the final time, it will be the last that space sees of wings, at least for the foreseeable future. American astronauts won't fly anymore; they'll fall."
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