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I'm the outcast of the family and I used to mind until I realized that outcast and nerds end up as the brilliant inventers and millionaires. This year so far is rough but when I reviewed the down parts I just found an another lesson of life.

BLOG #1         TOPIC: Text Talk These Days

In my opinion text talk should be only for phones but then you have these obsesive texters who just dont know when to stop! I understand OMG or LOL but when u start using it for paragraphs and stuff you'll end up with this: jgdnkhdejjksgduiebfkhyegfiwhdyefsoigeug Anyway let me get to my topic(true story) I am in school at lunch sitting with my buds then one of my class mates(that dont like me and I dont like her) sit down next to me and says this: "OMGWIOCPD!!!????" And I just look at her then say "excuse me I dont speak keyboard(" TIP: veiwers I've made the wrong move by talking to her instead I should've slap the sh*t out of her [excuse my french] ) Then she turned back to her little clique and said "i told you she was dumb" then turned back to me and said it means oh my gosh when is our class project due then she pushed me a side.That did it! so i took my chocolate milk and poured it on her(PAUSE: This was the substitute  for slapping her!!   PLAY:) and it must have been my lucky day because my milk was spoiled! And now I am suspended for a day.      THE END!!!

The lesson of the story is that I should've have gotten a banana peel and put it on the floor and siad I slipped AND "actccidentaly spilled it

ok well........ a few of my friends online and in real life siad my post on here are funny but not stupid so i decided that I'm just...... I guess just make a blog.And it would really help out if u guys would leave honest comments and tell me what I need to improve on.Thanks!!!!!!

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~see it, stop it, change it~

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Someone said if you share this picture - money will come your way- just in case... I'm sharing !!!

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i won
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I WANT FOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I checked out a hot guy today at the mall and when I did that he walked up 2 me and we started talking so we seperated from our families and ate together at the food court.then all i heard was hello hello and i relized i was day dreaming.and when i came back to earth i relized the guy was talking to me.............3 hours later we was making out than all i heard was tot get up tot get up and i woke up and i relize it was all a dream.......

love dreams like that

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i took this on my phone 
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