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Teachers Pension Advisory Services
Educator & Teacher Retirement Planning Agency + Corporate Owned Life Insurance Specialists
Educator & Teacher Retirement Planning Agency + Corporate Owned Life Insurance Specialists


Educator Pension Benefit Counseling

We are not simply financial educators. The Teachers Pension Advisory Services family is proud to be represented by benefit counselors, many of who have close family ties to the teaching profession. Teachers Pension Advisory Services understands firsthand the challenges that teachers face day in and day out to juggle their classroom life and home life. We are proud to help you achieve the stable, secure, retirement plan that you deserve to have.

The Teachers Pension Advisory Services mission is to assist educators by helping them to take a closer look at their individual retirement plans. Our free of charge consultations and assessments provide teachers with an in-depth, educator benefit service that utilizes customized analysis of their pensions to help them to maximize their full retirement benefits that they are entitled to. We ensure that educators are electing to make all of the right choices when it comes to their pensions.
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Take Control Of Your Retirement 
There are many paths to take towards retirement. Which one will you travel down? With all of the volatility in the stock and bond markets, finding a truly reliable retirement income stream is never an easy task. Employer-provided pensions are becoming a thing of the past.

The burden of accountability to fund a retirement is transferring more from the employer to the individual every day. By contacting the retirement specialists of Teachers Pension Advisory Services, we can assist you in finding what most people work their entire life to simply try to achieve…
What Is Guaranteed Income For Life? 
The name says it all. We all want to be able to attain the freedom and security to enjoy a retirement without financial constraints.

With increasingly longer life spans and challenging economic times pushing back the average age of retirement, your social security or defined pension plan benefits may not be nearly enough to fund a sufficient retirement. There are tens of thousands of retirees who can barely even cover basic living and medical expenses as they age.

It does not matter if you are nearing the age of retirement or just beginning to build for it. In order to achieve a truly comfortable retirement, it is imperative to have a GUARANTEED, supplemental income stream that you can rely on for the rest of your life.
Don’t Outlive Your Money!
At Teachers Pension Advisory Services, we can take the fear and suspense out of your retirement.

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Teacher Pension Benefits Information
Preparation can make years and possibly even decades of difference when it comes to the savings and the benefits that you are receiving during your retirement.

Have you analyzed what you should be saving and contributing every month to fund a comfortable retirement or to help pay for your children or grandchildren's college education? #pension   #403b  
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Educator Employee 403(b) Benefits Information

Educators living in any state can benefit from an unbiased, big-picture view of their retirement and supplemental 403(b) plans. School districts have different 403(b) rules and benefits information that teachers are required to follow, which makes it imperative for educators to seek out independent advising in order to fully understand all of the options and elections they should be taking relating to their pension benefits.
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