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William Tollefson
Certified Master Life, Mind, Trauma and Holistic Addiction Coach
Certified Master Life, Mind, Trauma and Holistic Addiction Coach

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4 Tips on Turning Your Thoughts Around
Negative core beliefs create anxiety, critical self-talk, unrealistic thoughts, stress and worry. All of these mentioned are a negative thinking pattern that can be contributing to your anxiety, critical self-talk, stress, worry and panic issues. Negative t...

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Thought Addiction Assessment: Learn if you have One or Not
Do you feel like you know your mind well? Are you in control of your mind? Do you think your mind works for you? If you answered is no to all 3 questions then you may be working for your mind and doing, thinking and feeling things you don’t want to. You jus...

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6 Tips on Breaking Barriers that Stop You from Identifying Your Power
E veryone strives to create more power in themselves and their lives. Yet there seems to be things that stop them from accomplishing what is wanted due to unidentified barriers.  Here are barriers and tips on how to effect positive change. 1. Stop letting t...

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6 Tips on Becoming Confident
Y ou do not have to be accepted by everyone. It is impossible to have everyone like you especially when you have difficulty liking or believing in yourself. Confidence is an acquire skill that you master, not something you are born with or not. Here are 6 T...

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4 Tips on Getting over the Effects of the Election
T he election can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and worry about the future. Over expecting can put hardship on our emotions as well as physical well being. The experience can feel traumatic to many. 4 tips on how to mitigate the negative effects of the ele...

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Power of Core Beliefs: 6 Tips on Positive Thinking
S ometimes it seems as though your thoughts have all the power. That your thoughts rule your behaviors, emotions and reactions. Your thoughts seem to direct your life more than you do. If only you had the power and ability to change your thoughts with just ...

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Powers of Thought: 5 Steps to Self-determination
Y our thoughts are very important and carry a lot of conscious power and influence over your waking life. Unfortunately it seems as though thoughts come out of thin air but they really don’t. Here is 7 tips on what your thoughts determine. 1. Thoughts deter...

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Mindful and Intuitive Recovery Tip from Trauma and Addictions
R ecovery from trauma and addictions is hard enough but if your mindset is not correct or positive then what is your direction. If your mind is left to its own direction, your mind tends to wander through all kind of painful and suffering thoughts. These th...

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7 Tips a Survivor Might Seek to Form an Addiction
S urvivors of abuse and trauma gravitate toward forming addictions for many reasons due to the intensity of their Post-traumatic Stress symptoms post abuse or trauma experiences.  Here are 7 tips on what to look for if your are a survivor who is experiencin...

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3 Tips on Making Closure with Emotional Wounds and Losing Regrets
A re you searching your past for answers about why your life is not fulfilling? Maybe you are still holding onto old pain.  As everyone knows who has followed me knows I am a big supporter of making closure with past emotional wounds and regrets rather than...
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