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Super cool

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so far....

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I did wonder that
Just in case you ever wonder how a sewing machine works..
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Someone at work asked me to look into this and I've hit a wall, so I figured I'd ask g+ as a collection of people who know a whole lot... 

Does anyone have any good sources for a dollar figure of the economic impact of someone going from unemployment to employment? 
I've read about Okun's Law and the "production possibility frontier", social consequences, etc. but all of those are pretty global. I'm just trying to find out how working translates money wise- into making someone a contributing member of our economy. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
~Damn it Jim, I'm a psychologist, not an economist 
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Little Kim of North Korea and Dennis Rodman of the US thought they were actually meeting other people

Barack Obama Jackie Chan #NorthKorea  

I did some probing:
In 2010, a individual with a gun and a drunk driver had about the same likelihood of killing another person. Firearm Homicides: 11,078/80,000,000 gun owners= .014%
Alcohol driving Fatalities (not the driver): 3,601/ 24,000,000 drunk drivers = .015% (all numbers come from the CDC, FBI, Dept. of Health and Human Services, or the NRA)

Hi everyone, I am a recent Ph.D. in I/O. Having been in school for the past 30 years or so, I've grown used to having my attention directed to new and exciting research and discussing psych in an open and encouraging environment with a group of very well educated peers. I'm looking forward to some interesting times!

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pshh, don't sweat it universe you don't look a day over 12 billion

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Being highly intelligent, I find this video very amusing! =)
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