Skepchick +Rebecca Watson's Response to People Telling her to Stop mixing Feminism with Science

I think this is an interesting response to people who say that discussion of gender issues has no place in a scientific forum.  This is a reaction I get a lot when I write about gender issues here.  While I disagree with her saying that these people are worse than those who send threats of violence, I do wonder if these "well intentioned" protesters realize how much they are contributing to the problem.

"You, guy who just wants to hear about science....  You think you are just doing a good thing, that you are trying to encourage me to talk more about science... you think you're building bridges.  You think if someone learns about the scientific method, then it doesn't really matter if they call women [expletives].  You think if you ignore a problem long enough it will go away, as opposed to the problem remaining and the women going away.  You think that my sarcasm and feminism causes misogyny.  In the same way that birds flying south for the winter, causes the snow to come."
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