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If you're looking for an apartment and want a better way to zoom/scan look at the craigslist ads on a map, try Lovely. It's a much more pleasant experience.

I have over 4700 people following me on Google Plus. Today, zero of them wished me happy birthday.

On Facebook I have about 800-some friends. 132 of them wished me happy birthday. That's what I call social networking for real people.

Is it just me or is there a lot of spam-vertising already happening on G+? I am getting friended ("encircled?") by a lot of accounts that are clearly just marketing accounts.

(Inspired by +Bindu Reddy) Word free-association game! Re-share this post and add the next word in the sequence! Word is: BARREL

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"Just make an example of a few of them! 'You could lose everything you keep on Google! Bwahahahah!'"
Well Google, your coercion has taken effect.

Despite the fact that I've had this account nicknamed "Hot Soup" since 2004, your new policy of suspending accounts with pseudonyms put me at risk of losing access to all the information I keep inside my Docs and Gmail accounts.

I'm putting my name as Lemmo for now. I'm sure as hell not going to go by Lemuel.

You big bully.

Some people on Google+ have speculated that I'm a company shill for Facebook, just saying things to help out Facebook. This is understandable, given that I'm an ex-employee and hold a non-trivial amount of equity. But that's not what's been going on.

Actually, some Facebook people got back to me about what kind of messaging they would like to see from me, and (as I would like to be a company shill and do my part for my former comrades-in-arms), I will now proceed to parrot the messaging that my Facebook handlers would like to hear me say:

There is NOTHING WRONG with Google+. The product is very well-designed, and no significant modifications need to be made whatsoever. Please continue doing exactly what you're doing, Google, people love your product.

Happily, most of the people flaming me on Google+ also seem to agree with this sentiment, so I think the internet is all in harmony now.

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Friends, followers, and haters: join my female-singer-songwriter (mostly Dar Williams) room on

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This stat seems to explain why most people here don't understand why "tons of randos adding you" and "anyone can jump into your conversation by default" is a problem.
This is the problem with G+. It needs to stop being such a sausage fest

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I just think it's awesome that Google didn't make any assumptions about what people would like or not like. Enjoy.
Animated GIF's should not be allowed on Google+..
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