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So excited to see Amanda rocking the new Glass shades!
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superb! now show us some fashionable prescription lenses, and the world will cheer in celebration!
Now that's sunglasses I would wear. Weather is getting better over here, so I'd be ready to test drive the Glass Shades :D
Nice to see shades with Google Glass. Hopefully that stops some people constantly asking about regular glasses working with Google Glass. 
Quick! Hide it from Coach and other designer companies or well all be paying an additional $1500 for shade inserts! haha
+Isabelle Olsson Curious as to how much the shades impact how visible the Glass remains. Does it make a significant difference? Or do you need to adjust the brightness? They look fantastic. Great design. Excited to see how prescription lenses turn out, and how the challenge of the frame potentially being an obstacle is solved.
Glass will have an influence on hairstyles, or there will be lots of images with hair cropping the frame...
 u look pretty great god bless u
u are looking beautiful .i love ur sun glass
Assuming we can snap these on to our own sunglasses at some point, would polarized shades interfere with the Glass display? 
It would be nice if there were photochromic snap-in shades available. :-) 
hello i am not english
I imagine the sky is the limit, as far as fashionable designs for Google Glass go!  
One day we'll say: "Look, she had a G1/Cr-48 strapped to her face!"

The prototype hardware will look pretty silly in a couple years. 
hola como estas amiga
+Joshua Ott interesting thought! when so many people wearing them, it WIll have an effect on hairstyles, accessories, & makeup!
When the official release? Can't wait 😀
hai u sooooooo awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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