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I really enjoyed reading all of the comments and questions about the design photos we released. Here’s a question I saw a few times: "I use prescription glasses. Will this work for me?" We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we're experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames. Many of our team members wear glasses, too, so it’s definitely something we’re thinking about. Here’s an early mock-up to show how the device might work with prescription glasses. Please keep the feedback coming.
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Really excited about this technology. It would be vital for me (and one or two others I'm sure) that there is a LH option at some point. (All the images I have seen are right eye setups) Even with correction, my right eye would not be able to take advantage of project glass; i am seriously left-eye dominant. 
I like this! Especially if it could be made to attach to sunglasses as well! Bikers and runners who bike/run during the day would love to be able to see a speedometer in the corner of their vision, or My Tracks running!
there are to many people out there that need glasses sun/reading so they would have to find a way to make it fit over or even under the glasses you need daily.
Yes the comments are funny "now people will walk into things more" or "the dumb ass's that will use them when they drive"
Come on people you have to look up to see what it message is like you I phone is now it will go off but you don't have to look..
I wear eye glasses and that upper thingie to project image will be very bothersome - a better way is to put it lower (at the bottom ) of the glass ?

and from the look - having that much weight on the glasses will put some strain on the ear, can that can cause skin abrasion and itchyness? also one would want to move that thingie from one side to the otherside ? Left eye/right eye ? I dont think one can wear it on one side for too long.
Isabelle, do you know if there is currently anything in the works for facial recognition, shape/mass recognition for objects, the ability to recognize another device user, or to effectively broadcast a tag that would allow other users to uniquely recognize your signature?

I've been trying to decide what kinds of software would be viable for the device, and any insight as to what direction you are heading (or even considering, really) would be invaluable.
I was wondering how you can sign up to participate in the project?
Maybe, if the whole attachment was clear or at least match the frame color. Just make this happen with a great price!! Get them out soon
Oh yeah, it was so cool and I really like it indeed.
Thinking about it i don't know who they work but putting them on over your glasses wont work or under if you get dust on one or the outer. anyone ever use the glasses with the clip on sunglasses? it sucked.
it would have to be a lens made to your eyes for reading or if it can clip on the arm of your glasses and project on your lens that would be the best way for this to work I think.
also Ashley i think it is safe to say we all would love to test them out for the project.
Agreed Tim - I doubt this project will have much difficulty finding beta testers
It will be cool if those glasses could zoom in and out so I did not have to use reading glasses or bifocal
Really looking forward to the adoption of this tech. I'm guessing this will allow seamless convolution between people and abstract data sets. For instance, imagine playing basketball with somebody in another country! If I'm wearing these glasses and my friend in Ukraine is as well we can both stand on our respective basketball courts and play each other with a virtual ball! Our respective locations in relation to the hoop and each other can easily be deduced using nothing more than Pythagorean triangulation.

Or let's say I'm an architect - I can design an addition to a house and then walk the homeowner into the street and by viewing their home through these glasses they can actually see what changes I'm proposing and whether or not they want to live with it. Furthermore, now I can freely combine disparate data sets and compare and contrast objects that probably *shouldn't be combined like a Woolly Mammoth vs. Obama's Beast Limo vs. a Merkaba :)

The most exciting aspect for me though are the time travel implications. Imagine standing on a bustling street corner and wondering what it looked like several years ago and lo and behold the glasses reveal to you that it was once a lush and verdant meadow.
We're able to do this because the Google street view cars/drones swept and ingested the scene using LIDAR and high resolution optics 10 yrs prior.
I think it's imperative that Google starts recording as much information as possible so that we can freely travel back someday.

For me this represents a true revolution in data exploration and I cant wait to store my terabytes of data(pics, music, pdf's) on a personally sculpted manifold in the blackest void of space and then navigating around at the speed of thought-flinging and colliding abstract concepts together with reckless abandon and seeing what remains.
Better still would be a wormhole type interface where you remain motionless and everything you're thinking/meditating about comes right up and settles near you-patiently waiting to be interacted with or transmogrified :)

Truly endless possibilities - great fun to think about.
Thanks for this Googlers!!!
+Isabelle Olsson, that looks pretty damn cool. And I don't wear glasses. Heck, it looks like these things we'll make a lot of people's ordinary looking glasses cool. One thing I am interested in, is peoples ability to clearly view the images within the eye-piece. Will vision still be clear having to look through an extra piece of glass? And then what about near sighted people vs far sighted? How does this work? I know a lot f questions, but that's what happens when you bring a pair of glasses back from the future.
Not having seen the actual thing, I don't know how much cleverness there is inside it, but being able to have the outside shell in different colours, or transparent, or able to change shape a little would be excellent. My glasses have reasonably wide arms anyway, so this would fit excellently!
+Isabelle Olsson why not just let the hardware in the smartphone (CPU, RAM, batteries..) and the glasses will just embeds the motions captures and the display, the whole connected by Bluetooth 4.0 [ the station (smartphone) and the widget (the glasses)] ?
like this no harmful wave, no heavy weight, cheaper price and powerful capabilities!
+Skeaux Sha I don't know how to restore sight to the blind as you say but I don't see any reason why a scene couldn't be swept with high frequency impulses and the resulting reflectograms could be used to sonify the geometry of the scene for obstacle avoidance. Same thing people do with canes and mouth-clicking sounds but automated and no one would be able to hear it except the wearer and they could control the frequency to taste.
I'll have to think about this a little more deeply..
Just sign me up for the Alpha / Beta already....... :)
In fact, as a pilot, I would love to be able to use these to augment visual navigation... Would be VERY simple to do with the right database, a GPS fix and angular sensors :)
umm does anyone have an idea of sharp the image looks when wearing them? because eyes can't focus on something that's that close, or are they compensating that by distorting the image or something like that? just realized that they maybe have combined the display with a lense, but in that case i think that only the center of the image wont be skewed... in any case i'm interested in the sharpness
Any chance of eye tracking to select rather than voice control?...
Voice control in public is sort of embarrassing no?
That was my biggest concern. If they're working on a solution, then I am even more pumped.
+Skeaux Sha glad you caught my comment directed towards you-I couldn't tag you for some reason. I'll read those articles you suggested - what I was describing was more of a low-cost hack using off the shelf, well understood technology so that a blind person could ride a bicycle down a street or something similar without fear of running into an object using well understood principles such as interaural time differences and head related transfer functions to sonify the geometric makeup of the scene in front of them.
What you're describing is a little further out but would really be a revolution and triumph for all humanity. Very smart people will crack that soon! My condolences on the loss of your Love - It's my belief that consciously coherent beings don't go anywhere and remain right beside you
+tim vreeland I think the people worrying about the negatives miss the potential. Imagine driving and a ball rolls into the road. You don't see it but the glasses pick it up and warns you. Or you're about to cross the street and don't notice the lights had changed. The glasses could again warn you. How about a deaf person being told when a smoke detector is going off? Maybe someday the glasses could be advanced enough to let a deaf person read what a person is saying. Endless possibilities.
i'm wearing different glasses based on the activity i do (ie. switching to sport and sun glasses). so they have to be swap-able between different prescription frames.
I knew Google wouldn't leave those of us with glasses out of the mix. Can't wait to see this inaction

+Benoit Boissinot Yes, that would be best but those systems are pretty large right now and most people don't trust lasers, even low intensity ones near their eyes. A major benefit is the ability to compensate for corneal defects/aberrations. Personally I think that's the future-heard a talk from John Carmack recently discussing the future of graphics and he was alluding to exciting developments such as that.
Think about motorcyclists (helmets) and the data you could show to them while driving (speed, navigation, etc) and don't forget the future. What sucks at apple is that you have to buy new hardware even for a small advantage (eg NFC or something small like that). So if sometime in the future (motor)bikes have NFC/BT to send data like gas fill level, engine malfunction, required maintenance, etc your device should be able to read such data!
But for now: stfu and take my money :)
That's pretty cool, I wonder what the impact is going to be once everybody start wearing them... I believe it's going to be super awesome!
My question is if Project glass will work with people like myself with monocular vison[ im blind in my left eye]??? it looks like it should be fine for me because the mockups use the right eye which is my good eye- but what about those who might be blind in their left eye/ people who would prefer to have it mounted on the left eye, will there be options for them??? I also wondering if there would be a way to put proximity sensors on the glasses- for not only the people with monocular vision but to warn those distracted that they might be about to sideswipe someone??
How about the battery life ? How long it will be ?
It should run longer than a single smartphone used, I presumed.
From the video of Google's Project Glass, it have to read the user's eye movement, always listening to the user's voice command, and also have to keep data connection stay online, which can make battery drain faster enough, doesn't it ?

I think, it will be very annoying when only can run for several hours, then user have to recharge it.
Or, maybe, Google have reached the technology which can recharge the Project Glass from the user's movement, or user's body temperatures, sun light, wind, rain drops, in nano scale ??
Not sure if this is common knowledge or not-I've been too busy to really dig into Project Glass and what makes it tick (although I posted what I think are exciting use cases for it in my first post above), but I think by looking into VRD's we've actually figured out the underlying tech behind Project Glass and the prototype Sergey was wearing. To clarify theres a laser projecting onto his retina not onto the glass as many seem to believe

Thanks +Benoit Boissinot !!
So much better than the other design concept on the other lady
Looks very nice! To me, much more ideal than the regular look. Still, both are awesome!
These will be awsome but how does it actually look thats such a small screen
nice work, I realy realy want one, but is this supplied in China?
I am so excited about this. I can't wait for you to come out I think google is the most innovative companies in the world.
My first response to "I use prescription glasses. Will this work for me?" was, "Um, ever heard of contacts!?" But then I realized that hipsters exist.
+Ryan Dean It wasn't common knowledge to me - pretty fun. That's kind of what I thought it had to be doing, but I didn't know if that was possible.
As someone who wears prescription lenses: I dig it.
+Joel Rogness You're not alone, I immediately discounted the possibility at first but now I'm absolutely convinced that it is in fact VRD technology. I'm kind of shitting my pants over the psychedelic revolution this represents! The implications are astounding and will eclipse even the cellphone in terms of impact on our lives. I'm writing and gathering my thoughts on the subject right now but to get some small glimpse of where this is all heading only scratching the surface here. Given what little I know about quantum computers, laser propulsion/positioning lightcraft/swarms, volumetric displays, etc, etc.. I can tell you this is going to be freaking huge..

The Television will be Revolutionized!!!
Do you know what i am missing? It not just technology , it is about define a new way to develop software and use the technology. I think it could be integrated to "Kinect technology" to permit us to interact with the "windows" and "notes" we are seeing....

It has more capabilities than we are seeing in the video....
i am so pleased that (of course!) you're thinking of people who wear glasses. i'm also interested in knowing if there might be versions at some point for people who are color blind, etc.... (i guess my question is along the same lines as +Andrew Toperzer -- differently-sighted people. i'm just plain old terribly nearsighted, but i see potential here for all types of eyesight conditions. as the first poster said, "please, take my money already!" : )
So happy to hear this!

Someone may have already asked, but it a possibility that the Project Glass HUD will be an attachment to frames? or is it more likely to be a stand alone product? I would think it would be an attachment, or should I say hope?

Can't wait to hear more information as this gets developed. Keep up the great work!
+Ryan Dean , a laser projecting onto the user's eye ?
How is it possible, will it hurt the eye and damaging the eye retina ?
Sorry to add to an already crazy deluge of posts:

I'm legally blind and extremely near-sighted. I have to sit very close to the board in class, and that's rarely even close enough.

I would love it if in addition to a price scanner, date-book, and usual apps, if you could build in facilities to magnify (even digitally) high-res images from the camera. I don't need a miracle. I just can't make out the last two letters of that word the teacher scribbled. Thanks.
I like the design, stylish but minimal. I hope you helped Google design their upcoming tablet.
My only qualm with the current design is the placement of the right-side mount and the potential for obstruction of peripheral vision and/or an extra blind spot while driving.

If it were mounted higher, like above the frame instead of below, or mounted slightly further back along the side to prevent obstructed side views, it would alleviate my concern.
Will it be possible to mount it on the left side of your head ?
It looks better if you're actually wearing regular glasses than by itself.
Its all about #googleglasses
I was wondering if this device will function on it's own or if it will be tethered and connected to our existing mobile tech via wireless/bluetooth? It seems like a lot of the processing could be handled on the phone in order to make a lighter glasses device.
Also, have you experimented with a larger lens? From the pics so far it just seems rather small and could use some more screen real-estate to work with.
Looks great so far, I'm excited for this technology to hit the market. I really wish I could be on the development team or even just a beta tester.
Project glass is a great step towards "Google Epiphany" as it was beautifully portrayed in the SciFi book "Rainbows End" by Vernor Vinge. I imagine that your entire team has read the book by now. Cant wait for you guys to get there...
+Isabelle Olsson
I can't help but notice the larger section of the mockup behind the ear. Am I correct in assuming that these will provide audio via bone resonance? I have experimented with my own designs for such audio sources and the results have been promising. Granted I had better results transmitting the audio via the cartilage of my ear vs trying to use my skull.
I have diagnosed astigmatism and i dont like wearing glasses... but theese are really good... SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
Sign me up, I'm there. Do you have any idea of how many more years of dev will have to go into this product? We know the technologies exist to make this a reality today as seen from some some of the other posters here.
I've never stood in line for a product in my life but I just might for this one :-)
An adjustment would add complication and cost (more opto-mechanical complexity). Not to mention that it would be virtually impossible to include a correction for astigmatism. I think being able to clip these onto existing glasses is the right way to go. Simple and effective.
I wouldn't want an additional device if I wore prescription glasses anyway. I want it built in directly and invisibly!
now all that's left is contacts :D or direct embedding into the eye? surely google can do that!
funny how chrome/google+ (dont know which) identifies "google" as a spelling mistake
Hope the your team is Successful in bring this idea to market! Look forward to following the progress with Much Interest!
Make it integrated seamlessly into a pair of glasses without the big attachment and I might actually buy this. I guess the attachment is nice if you want to be able to remove it and stuff. But build it into a pair of glasses. Maybe have a thicker frame and arms to accommodate the electronics, but I'm sure it can be done. That way you would look totally normal to everyone, but be able to use glass and not feel like people are staring at you.
+Isabelle Olsson is there going to be an SDK (and developer preview :D) released ahead of the glasses market availability? would love to build apps for it!
I'm trying to imagine : woke up in the morning, just wearing these Google Glass, and go do my daily activities without worrying about to forget I bring my phone or not, maybe, i don't have to bring my laptop too. Cause it's all there, in my Google Glass. Wow, i hope it's not just my dream. :D
I have to say honestly that I have been waiting for this since the 90’s.
What I would do this ifs make it in the form of normal glasses. This gives more room for normal hardware, looks the same ad normal people.
With a current you could darken the glasses when watching a video or playing a game,set user preference for light intensity, options for 3d sound projection Vida skullbone subwoofer.
Bluetooth connection with phone in pocket for computation and communication.
Eye tracking for interface. Looking down scroll, intently looking at button click, etc.
Business option face recognition with hud about VIPs, businesses, aquisition information, company histories, etc
Never having top remember all the data before going to the golf course.
Conversion tracking. Showing info and suggestions about the topic you talk about.
Augmented reality displays. People could dress up ad as pandas and when glass comes near that person a panda disrupt is layered over that person.

Hand teaching. Adds depth and allow manipulation via gestures.
Painting via gestures, cropping the view you see now.
Zooming via the18megapixel camera on front.

Will it be able to work with either eye or will there be two versions to cover each eye?im blind in the right eye and wouldn't be able to use the ones I've seen in all the pictures. 
I think having a camera with a zoom feature that allowed you to use it as binoculars or up close to zoom in on small items as a magnifying glass would be great, especially the latter because I like to paint miniatures
I don't quite understand how it works. In your video you guys made items showed up in front of the guy as if he had a full screen in front of him, but you only have a small glass square. How does that cover your whole vision like it did in the video?
First of all, You are very beautiful :D
Secondly, this project is awesome. It will revolutionize everything.
But there are few issues like, anyone can get clicked in public without knowing (its a privacy issue). And the GUI is right there at the center of the screen. Wont we bump someone while walking ?
With safety in mind, would you think it to be wise to add a "GPS speed sensor" that detects your speed, as if you were in a car driving for example, that would hide updates/messages until you have reached a slower speed as to not take your attention away from such things?
I would to apply for beta testing is it real? If not, can you let me know when i will be able to buy them?
I think it should have a button to take a photo, because sometimes we want to take some picture of someone doing something really funny or interesting. It will be really awkward if he listened me saying "Take a picture."
It seems like a wonderful thing and a society-changing product, just like the first mp3 player, the first (good) computer, Google itself and the iPhone...

I'm just wondering if there will be any medical effects on eyes due to strain/radiation with long term use.

Apart from that, I can't wait to buy these...
to be honest, Google Glass is just a marketing product. if you think about it, it's not that useful and not very practical. maybe in 15 years we see contact lenses do something with smartphones.
They look a little goofier than I thought, but dammit, if Google can bring us the world of Dennou Coil already, then I'm going to give you all my money.
I'd love to see it connect to my +Android smartphone and tablet so that it'd use the same data plan and allow me to read and send SMS and recieve phone calls.

I guess this is how we will interact with the web and technology in the future, but it's probably not too far away from the mass market.

I have been waiting for this moment since 2008!!! I knew someone will invent these glasses someday and I started writing software for it. I wrote a complete suite of software for them!!!
The objective is this:

To become someone else!!!

1. To develop necessary framework for the support of new wearable technology. The primary effort at the initial stage will be on glasses capable of video/audio transmission and reception (also known collectively as binocular optical remote glasses/gadget).

2. To create a collective where people from all over the world can voluntarily share their experiences in real time. Users will be able to ‘become someone else’ for a desired period of time.

3. To provide an architecture for collection of human experience. Such collective memory will be of great assistance to future historians, crime investigation, exploration and more. For self-use, it eliminates(?) the need for human memory as users can always ‘rewind’ to the moment in time they desire.

Additionally, I have provided the following functionality:

To enhance human vision

Nighthawk - Night vision at your disposition.

Tele - Zoom in capabilities in real time .

SleepyGuard - Glasses beep when motion is detected.

Rangefinder - Measure distance to objects.

All this functionality is available at The website is Flash based thus requires Flash and a webcam to work.

I would really, REALLY like to collaborate with you. I could do Android apps to be included in the original glasses if you wish. No cost to you or anyone. Just for the benefit of humanity!!!

With highest regards
I noticed in the video the guy could scroll through some options without saying anything. Are you planning on incorporating some sort of small wireless controller? Voice rec. may not work as well in loud areas, so a small peripheral would suffice.
What about radiation will it create brain damage?
have you guys thought about sending battery life into the glasses by sending radio waves from a external sources into the device where it converts radio energy into battery life
are there any privacy protections? will my messages be seen by other when people look at my glasses?
don't worry about batteries. two electrodes into the brain. or using eardrum - vibrations to power micro-turbines. a turbine inside the aorta or lung would also do it. or use the energy that's generated by strange ideas. good idea+
build something in your shoes' sole that converts motion-energy into electrical energy. that would be the coolest way. thx+
"iSole" or "isoleation"
Have you considered bone-conducting headphones to play music and alerts without reducing the wearer's situational awareness, since they don't block sound like any other type of headphones?
Having the device sit on top of glasses could work, but you also would have the problem of even a minor scratch on glasses interfering with the HUD lens. Would the product worked if the device itself could be attached to any pair of glasses on either side as well as use that lens to display all HUD information? In this effect you could make the device compatible to those of us who are left eye dominant instead of solely right eyed dominant as we have seen thus far.
Looks great! Just wondering will it be durable? Because people who where glasses all the time like me want them to be durable for everyday use!
Thats great to hear... I have a lot of friends with glasses who'd probably love a pair of these...

I wear contacts though so I'm probably good with the regular kind.
Really cool, I was going to get it no matter what it looked like. The small glass part of it is the actual part where the media is displayed, am I right? I would assume that technology is capable of such things right now, the service that these will provide will be the part most people would like.
Isabelle: I would be happy to involve my students in any user testing - I run digital marketing and social media courses at the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver! One of the areas we focus on is user experience. We have a very active, outdoor community, and all the weather challenges you could want from snow and sun to rain and wind and surf. Would be happy to collaborate on testing design. Feel free to contact me if this is of interest. or
I guess android API is kind of obvious... You cant give voice commands all the time? I can see developers using that on wrist "watches" aswell. I'll gladly beta test. :-)
I'm seriously excited to see this as a near future thing. I cannot wait to see it on store shelves or even in beta tests with users. Woo!
Hmm. Will this fit under a motorcycle helmet? Just asking, would be a great idea.
BTW, I have normal glasses right now and they do fit. If I get one of those, I'll use contacts instead.
I could be stunned figuring this technolgy mixed with "goggles" image search and augmented reality.
As im working on pharma business and health related, i could suggest hundreds applications of the glass project that may help people (aged in particular).
I think the best solution for battery life would be to make it either solar powered or think of some ingenious distraction that would confuse the glasses and make them think that they would always be full power. What I'm saying is that it needs not to be battery powered, unless we can get bio-energy or some crazy powerful battery.
My dream is to get these "Android glasses" usable under a cap (+ a bluetooth "ZEEMOTE" mouse hidden in my hand inside a pocket) to select the document I need to read... without needing to open a tablet (I don't want to be seen as a geek... even if I might be one of them).

Silently (but efficiently) I could take advantage of updated information/ new data. By doing so, I would then optimize my time lost in the tube, in a long-distance train or waiting in boring lines.

How could I explain that these glasses are much more interesting than a tablet? If a tablet were a heavy umbrella, these glasses would be a cap (= wearable mini-umbrella)... giving me full usability (because I still have my two hands to do any other thing I need).

Remember that with a smartphone or a tablet, you can't do nothing else because you need one or even two hand(s) to handle the tool + a finger to touch the screen.

In version 2.0, we could even expect an IR camera looking at my pupil (to replace the mouse or the voice control - not possible in a meeting room). As many UX designers, then I would try to divert its usage to make the cheapest EYE-TRACKING SYSTEM (adding the open-source OGAMA.NET software). Today testing GUI is becoming a key issue of efficient communication.

By the way, I hope that "Project Glass" uses the new BLE Bluetooth (because Bluetooth 4.0 is low-power and low-latency).
As a cyclist with a background in industrial design, here is one usecase where this device would have a massively disturbing effect (and I can assure you, people will love it as their already is demand for it).

Nowadays, cyclists' only way to record tracks is to use gps devices they mount on their bike or use their smartphone and something like MyTracks (my preferred way of recording tracks). But that's crap compared to the possibilities with a HUD-like display. In fact, other manufacturers recently made something like this for snowboarders (search on zealoptics).

I built a site were cyclists can share tracks they recorded with MyTracks/google maps. But they complain how difficult it is to "re-cycle" a track somebody else shared. This device would not only solve this in a safe way without distracting the cyclist, but it would also allow for some awesome features like projecting a "ghost" in front of you (the previous path of the cyclist who orignally recorded the track). And cyclists already wear sunglasses anyway.

I could totally imagine Google Glasses to be used this way, but also other sports like running of course, and would be more than happy to explore these possibilities with you guys.
Hey can we see the projection of the UI of google glasses on both the eyes?? Or it shows on just one eye....u guys should use both the glasses so a person can do multitasking....maybe he/she can navigate using one glass of the google glasses and read his/her messege or email using the other glass of the google glasses...that would be cool...although it would cause some visibility problem but you guys at google can think of something....cause using both the glasses of google glasses would be awesome!!! :)
Hi, Ms Isabelle! Very pleased that Google has carried out six months later, my prediction Alex25 (2) June 29th, 2011 at 15:39 mail 24

Creating a "neyromodul" for contactless control device (working with applications, or loss of flow signal in the unit), information transfer and measurement of the host state of the host (the movement of his blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature). The form factor in the form of glass (or monocular with a pad on the ear) or an integrated chip in the body. Sunglasses can broadcast on semi-transparent lens-screen or directly on the retina of video information, the bow-audioryada transmitters and batteries, plus the entire surface Glass ability to collect light energy to recharge the battery.

You can try the glasses?
I was watching a hockey game a couple nights ago and a great play happened and I thought, "I wish I'd caught that on camera." Then it occurred to me ... if the glasses were built with a buffer running (sync'd to Android phone for storage perhaps) I would have the ability to capture pictures and video of things I didn't know I would want until ordinarily it would be too late. Even a buffer of a minute would do for most things and perhaps, if I suddenly give the command to save recording it would automatically save the buffer as a file and start building a new one while I'm editing the now saved file or pulling an image out of it.

Just a thought. :)
have you guys thought about making something that comes with the glasses that is implanted into your tooth so the vibrations will create noise that only you can hear
@Alex- seems like that might be a just a titch invasive for most. :)
>telecom companies wouldnt like this at all ...
>problems with voice control ..
>carry on ..
Can I visit Google and see the real glasses ?
Can information be published about that "Glass device" (CPU, battery life and other technical info)?
Make me test this just like you made me test a Chromebook. Thank you in advance.
When is it coming out and how much will it cost???
I see it has video capability, and has a massive feel like the gopro cameras (in terms of more of a first person viewpoint). An idea, would there be the option to take videos of say day to day life ON THE MOVE, much like this video. As if you are creating 'my diary feature' which I personally think would be really well intergrated with social media, seeing little snippets of peoples lives, or even activities such as walking, mountain biking, running. And intergrate it to say a 'cloud' feature where it uploads live, your videos whilst you're on the go, or will upload when wifi access/3g access is available.

To develop on the running apps that are around, where when people upload what routes they've done, not only you have the route they did as a dirctional map, but also a projected marker on the map as to how fast they are going compared to yourself.

Is there also a live newsfeed app? for news, twitter, pintrest. wordpress blogs.

Can there be a wireless small tablet which can be used ONLY as both keypad and track pad, no screen (i was visioning something as small as a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD in dimensions) that could be slipped into a wallet, purse, to be used for WEB BROWSING purposes? maybe not as thin as a card, on the side being two small buttons. one for keypad, one for trackpad, and possibly a third for dialling numbers? just a VERY quick scamp I have produced to illustrate the idea.

Thats my feedback for now.
One thing that I believe would be interesting with this is to put it into a view mode (like what the phones have) and it would pop up icons for the different buildings in the view. Then when you focus on one and focus on the icon you would see the last 5 reviews of the location and a summary. So one location would have a chinese dinner box over it and it shows that this is a Thai restaurant rated 4.5 stars and the reviewers thought the food was fresh, tasty and not greasy.
I know this might be over doing it...but infrared or sound imaging (like bats) would be interesting features that could be implemented in this project; Allowing the user to see in the case of blackout using either high pitch sounds or heat signatures to actively navigate there surroundings. Also, if the camera could be actively running in the background, it would be possible for it to detect high velocity objects moving towards it and warn the viewer as well as outlining the object. This would have to be shut of when driving but would be nice when in the park or other areas where the user is not always paying attention (baseballs, tennis balls, rocks, bike riders, cars and windblown debris are all things this could detect and warn about). It could also aid the user in drawing 3 dimensional objects and in constructing complicated machines. It could also identify faces from a distance and tell the user there names while they approach thus avoiding awkward situations with forgotten names. Hope this helps generate some interesting results.
Colin Blood
Needs, like, super apps or something. like infared and nightvision. and scanning apps, ill put em on my new oakley frames. :D
oh and do they work with transition lenses?
When will this be aviable and how much money will it be?
Qi Chen
I wonder if i am able to put on these high-tech glasses since i have already wear one pair of myopic glasses....
Hey +Ryan Dean +Skeaux Sha from your comments it looks like you are deeply involved in making sense of potential technologies and future trends. I am an undergrad who started his M.A. Thesis about Mixed Reality a few days ago. Specifically, I am asking the following (overambitious) question: "Imagine we lived in a world where perfect 3D mixed reality applications have become mainstream and ubiquitous. How did we get there and which social, technological and economical obstacles did we have to overcome?" Right now, I am in a loose brainstorming phase and I am gathering as much material as possible. See my Pinterest Profile, for example, to explore some of the technologie I think are getting us there: At this stage, open conversations around my research question are vital. Would you want to share some thoughts on this question? If you do, please especially pay attention to the part that says "nearly everyone". Answers that outline the main factors for technological feasibility and consumer adoption are especially helpful. I am looking for the killer devices and the killer applications, even if they seem utopian at this stage. Your answers would most likely influence the line of enquiry I choose to start a year-by-year backcasting process spanning at least the time horizon until 2020. #projectglass +Project Glass
I am wondering whether the device should be standalone or not. If the device is paired with a phone, it could be far more useful. Selected notifications can be displayed and, in certain cases, replied to. Phone calls can be had, either using earphones connected to your phone, your car's hands free system or just using the system to start the call and you take your phone out only if it doesn't give an engaged tone. Not sure whether an on-board speaker would be the best way to go for volume + battery issues.
I hope it rather has synergy with other devices instead of being separate. If the product concentrates on getting the software correct and relies on the phone for the heavy lifting, the battery life can be extended, no heat issues arising and only a bluetooth signal will be required vs. having a whole slew of rf tranceivers right next to your temple. (Will bother some)
To be able to use this to control my phone, which can in turn, control other things is my dream for this.
Have my phone connected to a music system, say play music and play it without having to first go to the device and go to the voice commands menu then only be able to do what I want.
Being able to see new messages and possibly reply to them while on the go will be an amazing point to reach,to be able to use the device to, if not set the location, give you directions to your set destination will help make it almost a necessity.(no more looking away from the road to do anything)
If you have 20-20 vision, will you still be able to use these? it is going to effect the conscious and subconscious mind ?
that's a bad mock up. It would block so much of us glasses wearing view. almost looks like it would block the upper right side of our view. maybe like another comment said, get a frame designer to ponder this. also, it would only be fees-able on frames of the more sturdier type.
really awesome . do u think this service will work in Egypt?
cuz Google maps GPS is only 20% working in Egypt
its really a nice technology,
i would like to be able to watch movies on these glasses while i am laying down in bed or working out.. (video streamed from mobile phone)
I am wondering if this project is going to help visually impaired persons with the glasses as their alternative eyes to the real world and help them navigate the world more conveniently. One of my close relative can only see objects that are very close to him (may be within 10 cm or so) and the viewing angle is very narrow. So, virtually, he is nearly blind. I am thinking that you guys are using a small CCD camera to "see" the stree views and provide information accessible from the cloud. I really hope that your team may appreciate the fact that visually impaired persons may need this kind of device more than persons with normal eyes. So please try to condsider the demands of visually impaired persons more. Thanks.
How much will it weight? Some glasses are heavy already and leave mark in your nose and on the side of your ears. Super interested in this project. Great job.
it would be so cool to play games on this...
i think it should have some kind of hand motion gesture to work with the glasses like the kinect cause not every one can talk and there are some things that people dont want to others to hear
I like this technology. I hope to see it in this year, 2012. I think that it is the future of the Smart objects, replaces heavy devices. It could do call, video call, full HD photo and video with a small camera. It could use a system such as Wi-fi and Bluetooth but with the greatest certainty of no harm to the health of the wearer, such as mobile phones during a call and any radio waves. Not only, HUD Google Project is very important for all Daily activities:
1° All Google utilities (Maps, Shopping, and more...)
2° Live weather information (Such as a film with a back to the future)
3° Call, Video calls and Chat or e-mail (Chat or e-mail is difficult, but for example if I want to write a message to a my friend who isn't connected, he'll read my message when wants, the write message can be do with sophistical system, a program that converts text to what I say, this process can revolutionize how we communicate with a person with another person without hearing, but who has the vision: It is also known as "automatic speech recognition", "ASR", "computer speech recognition", "speech to text", or just "STT".
A first step towards the elimination of any architectural barriers.
Going in the future, it may also prove useful to those people who are blind, but have heard, so to create a Google Maps Audio but more detailed, such as whether one picks up a book, which book tells the camera been taken, or even can read the news of Google with the system used on some computers, but more sophisticated, to read anything for a blind person that has heard. (audio reading of this technology or computerized voice reading the text transcribed from the computer, should only be applied, perhaps enhanced by implementing the best and technologically advanced algorithms)
...and the best thing that will surpass everything else and it will be worth adding the possibility of speaking to another person, both of which have a Google HUD, even though they speak different languages, thanks to a remarkable enhancement of the Google Translator, both instant messages, also written in the voice chat, or to speak simultaneously listening to the translation (connect face to face).
4° All the news and highlights of any sports.
5° Google HUD Project for new concept car, No distractions for the driver: with HUD and car exchange information with one another through a system of high speed Bluetooth connection. The HUD can be reproduced music in the car without any wires, not only, HUD can be monitored in live performance car: oil, fuel, water, speed of the car, prohibitions and speed limits, road maps always as an integrated GPS, then Google Maps, and even more so to connect two or three cameras in car all in one miniscreen of HUD to replace rear view mirrors. This will reduce any distractions from the movement of the head, with a substantial reduction in highway accidents caused by distraction (see maps, call her cell phone, see mirrors, ...)
6° 6D integrated: 4D for the HUD vision + 1 Dimension for the high-performance audio (will be over 5.1, maybe) + 1 Dimesion for the manipulation of virtual objects, special sensors, as well as an integrated Kinect.7° Play with 6D Google Games where you want, for example into your home, to see a virtual game such as the game of darts with a virtual center to hit (the name can be: 6D Google Virtual Games).
8° The HUD lightweight ultra-thin, ultra resistant to shocks.
9° Internal Hard Disk is much better 32 Gb if can be done. Use 4G for high performance and Trial o Quad Core.
10° Buying accessories separately, such as an HDMI 3D Bluetooth to connect with HUD, it could be connected with TV 3D, Blu-ray 3D and see a video into a mini screen or simple for Smart of Tv 3D
11° It could be with simple rechargeable USB cable, with an autonomy of 60-120 hours, or even better a special System of unlimited autonomy so if I stay where I cannot recharge HUD, this problem'll never be (magnetic battery, if it is 100% secure of course).
12° HUD not limited to a 2D view, but a virtual view of the expanded field of view in space: eg. a three-dimensional cube located at a certain distance, two spheres located at different distances, a near sphere and the other distant (with a visual simulation to each of us that seems real, in the empty space).
13° Please look for a comfortable fit to do so you never have to put more objects, as well as eyeglasses, sunglasses, HUD, on the nose. People mind if too tight or leave those two red circles on the nose, such as procure any eyeglass frame.

I'm very sorry for some grammatical errors and I'm very sorry for the very long message,but when I think of something, I get a thousand and one ideas to express, even apologize, and this project will make sure the technology revolution of tomorrow.

Congratulation to Google Staff, Future Technology begins.
Yeah, problem. This will make people near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other.
hola, Isabelle.
gracias por compartir este gran proyecto, yo vivo en otro país, pero me gustaría saber que tan avanzado se encuentra el proceso, ademas de un precio aproximado de lo que valdrían cuando salgan al mercado.
y de que forma conseguirlas cuando salgan.
estoy muy interesado, ademas si me puedes recomendar alguna pagina que sea la primera en venderlas para estar pendiente para adquirías.
muchas gracias
The mockups seem to take up a large "foor print" on one side of the face. I could see a weight/balance and comfort issue. I agree with comments already posted that unrestricted phone pairing (Apple/iPhone, Samsung etc...) would bring max flexibility. How about spitting processing and that "footprint" between both sides....most of us have two ears?
a application would be for the commercial kitchen, I could see my chefs and cooks being able to keep up with the orders in my restaurant. They would know how old an order is, which gets cooked first and what is being plated right now!
I think it's amazing you've mentioned this, shows you do care about what people say! :). Very pleased with this post
In my intro to game industry class we had a discussion about the possible gaming applications with these glasses. We thought of 'visions' that are offered in several video games like Assassin's Creed's "Eagle Vision" or Batman's "Detective Mode," as well as a HUD for non-digital games
Two ideas that I would love to see! One, everyone wants this application or that application, so why not open an app store for the glasses and allow independent developers to give/sell apps much like phones. Second, for greater processing speed, somehow allow it to access your phone/computer's computing power, if nearby.
Just make us a promise, Please NO Adds, in this type of environment, it would be extremely distracting, if not dangerous to have unwanted/annoying adds pop up all over the place.
I cant wait till these come out im buying the first ones
Dear Isabelle, would love to show this and/or video at art music technology festival GOGBOT: What should we do to make it possible? best, Viola
Question? Are the graphics displayed on the tiny glass piece of the arm or through another means? On the video it would appear that the graphics were centered. Just curious. Thanks
Id love to see the design work with sunglasses, and even potentially safety glasses. On a side note since I am not having luck posting to project glass in terms of functionality, I'd love to see the glasses function as an API, where apps can be created and make the glasses even more functional than initially planned, whilst I assume the glasses would be very environment centric, allowing developers to develop apps would make the glasses very powerful!.

Image Google Android Glasses.
This project is so cool, I cannot wait until these come out.
Out of curiosity and the laziness of not going through hundreds of comments, how does it work? Is it a stand-alone android device, or does it connect wirelessly to your android phone or tablet?
Is this connected to the glasses or is it modular? If Google could design the device to attach to any pair of glasses in some way, it would likely be more successful since people wouldn't have to buy a completely separate pair of glasses for this awesome product.
They should combine this with some of Samsung's new OLED screens (clear and flexible) You could have a prescription screen, and an entire screen of interfacing with optional 3d potentially (both eyes could have displays)
All the people are talking just about the "eye-image-system" but i asume all of us saw the Demo video on YouTube... i wonder about how are we going to be able to hear the music or our friend's voice at a video conference using the hangouts? Because by using some tiny spearkers wont actually work if you are at a public place/streets and in case is a quite place then the others around you will be able to hear your convesation, wich is pretty awkward. I asume the G-Glasses will be conected to our smartphone (BlueT, wireless or whatever) because putting all the necesesary hardware (speakers, camera, RAM, Hard drive, etc) will turn the device too heavy for us to use them in our daily life and not to mention the people like me that has to use glasses for reading and stuff.

Also, whar about the battery capacity they will have? Because people are around 16 hours a day woked up, it will be a really big challenge to overcome.
I didn't found where I could suggest so I decided to post it here, you should make the glasses support go around the bake of the head that way it will be more comfortable for people specialy those who are not used to wearing glasses that way the glasses are more safe of falling they can be pulled back to the bow when needed a person can decide whether he wants to use one screen or both, and please don't rely on voice commands only because the current google voice search is very awful and specially when using foreign languages pluse it would be wired when a lot of people talk to them selves on the street, I thought you should try putting a cemata that looks at the I and can calculate where it focuses that way people will do actions by focusing at the picture or the text will be above the button that need to be focused at to activate it so people could read the text and the move the eye down to the button that will activate the command or to focus at a small dot that way the focus will be for somthing more distent and it will activate the command that way people will feel a lot more comfortable and not forced to talk, thank you for taking the time to read.
it actually looks better with glasses.. looks more "right".
Hopeufully someone reads this :D
Although I think they look cool, I don't think that people would wear them on the street, just because if they don't have prescription glasses, the only thing the product would be is a frame for glasses, with the glasses missing. As someone said before, it just doesn't look "right". I would love to see a version that still has glasses in them, but they are slightly darkened so they look like sunglasses. I like the way the Epson Moverio has solved this design problem, but the glasses are too bulky on the sides. The Moverio also has screens on both sides and is therefore 3d capable, another thing to think about for the google glasses. Essentially, I think the glasses should look similar to the moverio with darkened actual glasses instead of just the frame, but it should be made less bulky and quadratic on the sides. Finally, another cool future would be streaming capabilites over wifi, for example from an android phone or even a laptop/desktop.
It would be better If It had speakers
Ask any optometrist (or sniper for that matter) and you'll find that everybody has a dominant eye. Just like your hands. Also the thickness of the support: "Onassis" style spectacles kill your peripheral vision. As a motor cyclist both elements are very important. I love the initiative, can't wait to see it hit the market.
As an occupational therapist, I can see extensive uses with the disabled. I'd love to share some ideas on this with your team. It has huge potential to enhance and improve the lives of people with both physical and mental disabilities.
Como es posible eso? Como se hace cuando saldrá?
If you need someone to test it out downunder give me a bell.
Josh M
I'm mostly wondering how exactly you control the glasses, as well as how they display everything you're meant to see - does it all show up in that tiny lens thing? I'm sure I'll get my answers eventually though.
Other than that, I was going to suggest that for people who don't need prescription lenses, these things just be made into regular lenses, kind of like sunglasses or something, but then I saw that's already been suggested. :P
cool i would defiantly buy that tis so neat. i hope its around $200 that means i could afford it. cant wait until it comes out.
I would really love to interview some of you're team for Amaze Magazine about this - we are about to launch a special innovation section and this would be an amazing interview. Any chance we could set something up via email? -

P.S: You made me an instant fanboy, they are amazing!
I would really like to see a left eye version of this, as I lost my right eye. The implications of this are awesome, when will the contact lense version be available?
You have created something incredible! Bravo!
It would be cool to have it be attachable/clip-on to existing prescription glasses. I can then wear this all day.
That's awesome! I wear prescription glasses and I would love to get my hands on this. :P
How do you join the beta group?  I have prescription glasses and would to have the AR.
I've lived with a genetic eye disease called Optic Nerve Atrophy since I was born. My vision is permenantly impaired and the only way my vision is improved is by magnification. I've been searching for ANY device that could deliver zoom functionality to my naked eye quickly and easily, and it seems that the possibility is finally (hopefully) here. Not to sound too ambitious, but if this product offers any sort of live-zoom feature, it could be the answer to a 28-year-long prayer. If it delivers, I'll be the first to buy.
I am glad you are helping people out with prescription glasses but what if Google made their own glasses with google glasses already built-in? Sort of like Cookie's from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
these glasses are so cool! i'd love to try out a pair in england! send me some if you want me to try them out in a different part of the world
Is the glass a special type of glass?  Will there be multiple versions of the frames?
This is awesome the options look limitless
I want them ;-) can you send me them for testing please ? :-)
Great idea, but not everyone is going to wear glasses.  So cell phones may be around yet.
i ware glasses but it would be cool if the Google glass could be added on to my glasses or if the technology could be put in to one of my lens. I am wondering how dose this device works? Do i need a cell phone or is the device a cell phone? Dose the device connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth, WiFi, or a new kinda connection? How would i use some of the apps that are on the device?
I would love the explorer edition but I want a dummy one to test the feel in the time being. Besides 3d printing one, is there any way to get a mockup.
According to this photo, I presume that google part is just the thing attached to the right side of eyeglasses so following this thought it will/is possible to attach google glass product to any eyeglasses compatibile with google glass mount interface.
Or it might be that they design it in a way the user could mount their own lens and attach them to the google glass main body.
Is my way of thinking correct?

Actually this photo answers the only question I had for this project so far but couldn't find any answer and then all of a sudden a link came out and so here it is my answer at last :)

Also it would be great if this post with title: Google Glass will support prescription eyeglasses/lens
could be put somewhere easier to find.

Any more? Hmm. Only that I cannot wait to try them on myself :)
Way to go Google X Project Team :) Way to go! :) Good work! Keep it on!
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i would really like to test out the google glass.
Modular approach for current top brands. Plugin Google Glass components for your current sunglasses.
The whole prescription glasses issue is right at the top of my priorities for adopting Glass myself ... can't wait to see more information as this develops.
Ay Bee
Anyone interested in Google Glass (GG) should watch the movie 'Brainstorm' to get an idea where the technology might be headed.  The film, starring Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher and Cliff Robertson, is about a team of scientists who invent "the Hat", a brain/computer interface that allows sensations to be recorded from a person's brain and converted to tape so that others can experience them. It was directed by Douglas Trumbull (special photographic effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Blade Runner as well as Director of Silent Running and Brainstorm).

Personally, I'm more interested in the deeper uses for GG such as direct access to supplemental information in respect to what a wearer may be looking at.  Find yourself in a city you've never been to before? Need a cab, bank, doctor, or want to locate the coolest bar in town? Ask GG and it will help you navigate you're way right to the location. Lost your buddy at the rock concert? Ask GG to find him!  Combine GG with a nanophone that sits directly behind your ear and you'll be able to immediately connect to your buddy who's at the snack bar and ask him to grab you a hot dog!

On a darker level, I do have concerns in respect of policing/ security as GG could be used by officers to follow people through a crowd ('tag' suspect with overlayed color marker and GG will instantly create a digital signature object profile so the officer can follow him without any trouble) or identify a person of interest via immediate access to a national or international profile database.  Beyond that, it could get worse!  Will be interesting to see how Google's mantra of "Don't Be Evil" will play out in this possible future.
I'm really excited about these
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This looks great, but I have one question. Are there any concerns regarding driving with Google Glass? 
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Don't you have a job for me at Google? What I saw of lolipop you can use good people 😜 hope it's my Samsung S4 what is the weak chain in this. But due the the onacceptabel aggressive memory management I doubt this!!!!
You know what ,i think i can't take this any longer.I am gonna sue Google for stealing an idea i developed in 2005 by me.This whole Google glass thing was designed by me in the year 2005,though in a slightly different shape,but the whole idea is the same.Olsson should get ready to answer questions!
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