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My muse Amanda looking great in the frames I designed for her...
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Woo! As a person who wears glasses, this makes me super excited!
Oh, nicely done. You are making ubiquity far more likely.
Looking good. And agreed, she is very a-musing :D
(particularly in the second pic).
Neat. Do they function just like a regular Glass assembly?
Now I'm massively jealous (considering I'm about to make an appointment for a contact lens fitting so that I can wear Glass without going cross-eyed)
That looks great! Looking forward to different styles being available in the future.
Are those modified Googleglasses? Smoking hot design. I think the techie look of the originals is fine for some people, but until the fashionistas and normal people (not including myself in either category) will be caught dead in them, they are a mainstream no go. Not that there is a problem with that anyways. How long is the wait-list to get a pair again, at the moment? :P
Slick for sure. When you build up a solid black version with a slightly slimmer profile I'll be first in line. 
I am definitely interested in obtaining a pair. Any more/others for sale?
Am I the only one who thinks the hardware needs to be removable so you can buy several frames and switch them around to the ones you feel like wearing? They'd make a fortune selling the "accessories" to people who didn't want to commit to a single color or frame style. Because if I can only have one frame style, I'm likely to go with classic dark, rectangular geek frames. I might get more adventurous if they were interchangeable. 
^that was my first thought as well. 
I had to enlarge the picture to see that it was some Google Glass, it's amazing, really nice !
Yep I plussed this a while back +kennedy myril .... As a prescription glasses wearer I'm really excited about this......
spects make u feel worthy awesome face
I think people with long hair can pull this off. Aside from the glass part of Google Glass, people notice the titanium that wraps it on your head. 
I too wear glasses and very excited about seeing this for prescription frames.
I want these! Love my glass, hate my contacts (uncomfortable and I can't see as well). Want some real glasses I can wear with my Glass!
As a glasses wearer, this gives me hope for a more refined set of specs that I would feel good about wearing on a daily basis. This rendering is especially exciting:
In the future we will everyone be the real time google cars, for updating their street view services. (in our home)
Can there be actual sunglasses that this would work for? The sunglasses insert doesn't hide the unit as well as these glasses. Some may not want to hide it, but customisability would be nice.
Will this style be available to purchase upon Glass' release, or are these just a probability?
Ay Bee
Hmmmm why can't Glass be a device capable of being snap-fitted to any eye wear?
Looking soo sweet and cute i lik u
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