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Some of these are truly beautiful, and a few are quite funny, but others are rather poignant or tragic. The first guy is repairing the wiring on a telephone pole.
Jon Rafman collected bizarre and beautiful Google Street View images so you don't have to.

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I laughed until I finished reading the long, LONG list. I'm still quite fond of "Organ Transplants are best left to the professionals"
Non-Flammable is not a challenge. Ralph won't "morph" if you squeeze him hard enough. The class hamster isn't just sleeping. Today is not Mothra's day. No one is interested in my underpants.

Sword Canes: A practical investment in style, mobility and self-defense for anyone who prefers not to hop around on one foot after spraining an ankle.

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Mysteriously, the settings on this album were changed to "limited" after I intentionally set them to PUBLIC so that unwary house hunters wouldn't get trapped the same way we were. Half a year later, the place looks the same from the outside, and the real estate agent who was so distressed she said she was going to take her name off the property is still representing the listing. People have a hard enough time getting by right now without slum lords like these taking advantage of hard working people.
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