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Alone in the City
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Really want to like this but for the distracting lights on the side - the big starburst and the series of smaller lights in a trail. #delete
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
The person is so perfectly centered I have to wonder if this image was staged.  Regardless, I really like the symmetry.  The star burst on left is a tad bit distracting as there's nothing on the right side to balance it out.  Some may say the sky is over cooked. Overall I like the image and the story it tells. #save1  
This is amazing! I think the excessive processing really works in this shot. The person in the center of the image makes this stand out. #save2
I actually really like this shot. I like the overprocessing, which is rare for me, and even like the light burst. I also like the questions I'm left with, and the composition is great. #save4  
Yep, that light on the left is distracting, more than a tad.  From this end, it appears that it wouldn't have been too difficult to remove it or tone it down.  Yet, I'm going to give it the #save4  
I love the title, and the surreal processing works here.  But for the surrealism to really sell, it needs another light on the right to balance out.  And clone out the airplane.  

Ugo Cei
I love this place! However, whereas the bottom half of the photo is absolutely gorgeous, everything that is going on in the top half is killing it, from the crazy sky to the converging verticals. The trees are also a big distraction. #delete3  
Mak Sim
i love the shot very nice. Nice composition #save6
The light on the left is very distracting - it draws my eye away from the person in the center.  I would like it more as a portrait orientation with the person and capitol centered.  #delete5  
Too much here for me,  tighter crop as the light on the left is just one more element to distract and take away from the centerpiece.  #delete7  
On this occasion the processing works for me. lovely #save7
You have 10 saves which makes mine #save11 .  I like the colorations, the leading lines and especially the story with this.  I'm ignoring the light on the left, I think it could have been PS'd out.
Cheers, this was actually a very early pic I did. I think if I was to redo it now would be fairly different. Thanks !
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