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AutoCount or Cloud

We wrote about the cloud before and about ERP systems as well So let’s talk a bit about what we see in the market but before that we’ll pay some attention to the terminology
Public cloud – basically means both data and application are on the world wide web, hosted somewhere but you don’t need a server in your office. Moreover, the software can be accessed using the internet browser that you normally use (Chrome, Firefox, IE you name it). We all know these applications: Facebook is in the cloud and so is your gmail or yahoo email account.
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – the idea is that you monitor and manage all your operational processes through 1 system. That means you’re not only computerizing your accounting processes, but also your logistic, human resource and commercial processes. Everything that happens in your company is represented and managed in your ERP system.
Without going into too much detail, a key reason for cloud solutions is the ease of deployment; not that the software is necessarily more simple, you just assume that hardware, network and other infrastructure components are there to be used and that there’s no need for additional machines or cables to be implemented.
A key driver behind the implementation of an ERP system is of course to manage all your processes while realizing that these processes can be ‘off-the-shelf’.
Let’s elaborate on that last point a bit: many SMEs think that an ERP system can do magic and will do everything the boss has ever wanted. That’s a myth. An ERP system brings all your (non-core) processes under control in a standard way. How you handle your invoices will not set you apart from the competition, your inventory control is important but will not give you any unique selling point. On the contrary, your products and services will lead commercial success, your internal processes should just run smoothly, without much hassle and preferably with as little effort as possible.
That’s why an ERP implementation is often painful. Senior management understands the above summarized logic, but the users have to change their daily routines. It makes no sense to implement an ERP system and customize it completely to accommodate the processes and anomalies that the company has built for maybe as long as 20 years… That’s like buying the latest car model and immediately start amending it; changing the automatic gear box for a manual one, changing the seats, taking out the upholstery… An ERP implementation should follow industry-best-practice as much as possible to make it a success and to get the best out of the software purchased.
So back to our opening: what do we see happening in many SMEs.
On one hand: ERP systems are big and comprehensive and require a massive change in any organization. If your SME is not willing or able to make such a drastic shift an ERP implementation is not for you.
On the other hand we see very versatile smaller software solutions (AutoCount for instance) that can do a lot more than a handful of years ago.
Our advice to many SMEs is therefore: think twice before you decide on an ERP implementation and explore the possibilities of smaller solutions. You’ll probably be able to gain 60% - 80% of the benefits that you’re looking for at less than half the cost compared to an ERP implementation. Moreover, the implementation of for instance AutoCount Accounting is faster, cheaper and less drastic for your organization.

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GUESS... 1 for the weekend: you've seen our new team pictures - but for those of you who know us up close and personal.... you must see that something is 'wrong' with one of us... let us know what you see

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Don’t run the risk of losing your year-end data!
Better be safe than sorry – let us do an on-site health check at only $99 to make sure you’re not missing out on updates, that your data is secure and that you can process your year-end numbers without problems.
We offer an on-site check for your MYOB and AutoCount Accounting software and you get a S$ 200 training voucher for free….. don’t miss out and secure your software and data.
The offer for this unique on-site visit costs at only S$ 99 is valid till year-end and concerns both MYOB and AutoCount Accounting software solutions.

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Training, training, training
As most SMEs we know ourselves that the world is changing. New opportunities and threats appear every day and markets evolve. That’s why we train – our customers, but also ourselves. We had a great day with the team talking about the latest AutoCount Accounting version that will be launched soon, about the strengths of MYOB, about the support we provide to our customers, about how we can improve our service and much more.
We feel energized and keen to serve our customers better after a day of serious business and fun – to improve as a team serving our SME customers better with MYOB, AutoCount, CRM, POS and HRM/Payroll solutions.
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And the winner is

Winner of the iPad Mini is
James Tan - TNL Construction Pte Ltd

& the 5 winners of our SME Powerbanks are
Steven Tan - JEL Express Logistics Pte Ltd
Chai Ee Wah - CMC Trading Engineering (Intl) Ltd
Hakim Zaini - Tree Gate Capital Pte Ltd
Rachel Tan - Goeding + Partner Asia Pte Ltd
Shirley Tay - Nihon Denkei Co., Ltd
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