Comment I made in a discussion comparing Windows to Linux.  Anyone who follows me knows I don't have a lot of nice things to say about the direction Microsoft is taking these days, nonetheless I think we need to face reality, which is that community-driven Linux OS's have never been especially practical for most users:

Sorry, but until Linux people stop putting in 10x the effort to get the same thing the Windows people get out of the box, no dice.  I like Linux, or rather the underlying kernel, but I've yet to see even the most hardcore user of anything other than a few consumer-friendly Linux-based OS's like Android and Chrome not have to resort to pseudo-emulators, community-built drivers, and an odd assortment of codes and commands culled from Linux forums just to get the same functionality they'd get from Windows.  Hardcore Linux community people are as prone to live in their own Reality Distortion Field as any Apple fanboi.  I just got tired of it, or the constant excuses for how that's not even worse than the issues a Windows user faces.
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