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Living La Vida Científica

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Where You Can Find Me After Google+ (and Why)
A Survival Guide for Connecting with Me After the Pluspocalypse
Check Back Regularly for Updates

Rather than shoot out a new Post each time I test out a post-Google+ social network, I'm going to Pin this Post to my Profile, with links to the networks I am currently committed to or testing where you can find me. I will also include, in some cases, resources for Tips, Tricks, those sorts of things for these networks. Eventually, I will expand this to a full review and comparison.

I will Update this Post whenever necessary, and Reshare it, but you can also check the top of my Google+ Profile Page for the Pinned Version, which will always be Up-To-Date for as long as Google+ allows Post Updates.

Here is where you can find me, ranked in-order of Committed, meaning I am as committed to remaining on it unless and until it closes down as I have been to Google+; Active, meaning I am Posting to it actively but not Committed; Signed Up, meaning I have an account, so you can find me there, but I may not be at all active or at best slightly active in using it and may not commit to it.

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not be held responsible should you encounter anything by other users of this network that you don't like or is unwholesome. I am not seeing much to bother me, or am good at ignoring it, but your mileage may vary from mine.


ETER9 - -
User Guide: _

Google+ - Like Features: Public Posting, Collections (Preset Categories; No Ability To Follow or Unfollow Collections and no Asynchronous Following; Assign Any Post To Multiple Collections; Add Other User Posts to Your Collections without Resharing); Verified Accounts for Passionate Users. Vanity URL's.

Special Features: Optional Artificially Intelligent Sharing When You Are Inactive or Become Deceased; Multiple Stream Display Settings, Chronological-for-Connections by Default; Followable A.I. User(s).

Advertising: None (Unpledged)

Apps: Web App. Works Well But No Push Notifications

I've put 3-years into ETER9 and written a User Guide. I will definitely stay put.


MeWe -

Google+ - Like Features: Easy To Connect with Other Google Contacts Who Join (Including Google+ Contacts) by Linking Your Google Account (But No Asynchronous Following; Said To Be In Development.); Contact Suggestions (Similar To But More Manual and Less Categorical Than Circle Sharing); Use Your Existing Profile and Cover Images; Text Formatting (with WYSIWYG Editing) for Posts (But No Public Posting; Said To Be In Development); Fairly Clean White Layout, Reminscent of Google+; Community-Like Groups; Quasi-Vanity URL's.

Special Features: Privacy Oriented By Design. Emoji Reactions, Once You Get Used To Them, Are the Best Social Media Reaction System In My Opinion.

Advertising: None (Pledged)

Apps: Native Mobile App. Works Decently. ; Web App. Works Well.

I am slightly active here and want to like this place, so I will give it time to evolve, but will not commit deeply until they add Public Posting at least. I am active in helping onboard new users from Google+ with Contact Suggestions, Tips, etc...

Signed Up

Pluspora -

Google+ - Like Features: Public Posting, Text Formatting (with WYSIWYG).

Special Features: Open Source and Decentralized

Advertising: None (Pledged)

Apps: Dandelion (Android; Requires FDroid or Side Loading). Works Well. ; Diaspora Native WebApp. At-A-Glance-Good.

I don't really like this very much in its current state, and I have long-term fears that it is deliberately a niche, to the point of being a mere lifeboat for former Plusers, but I do have an account, so if it just be a lifeboat, you can Follow me there until you join me somewhere else or it grows more on me.

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Where You Can Find Me After Google+ (and Why)
A Survival Guide for Connecting with Me After the Pluspocalypse
Check Back Regularly for Updates

Rather than shoot out a new Post to this Collection each time I test out a post-Google+ social network I'm looking into, I'm going to Pin this Post to this Collection, with a link to where I have written down all the networks I am committed to or testing where you can find me.

I will Update the Original Post whenever necessary, and you can always find the latest up-to-date version Pinned to my Profile by clicking the link below.

#GPlusForwardingAddress #GooglePlusForwardingAddress
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Data Transfer Via Gravity Waves: Towards Cosmic Communication

Mathematicians at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) have demonstrated, for the first time, the feasibility of using gravitational waves to encode, transmit, and decode signals similarly to radio communication.

This is potentially the key to communication over great distances of space, perhaps even interstellar or intergalactic space, due to the fact that gravitational waves, unlike electromagnetic waves, remain largely invariant in their properties over great distances without being interfered with as much by itself or by large bodies in space. Consider that, even when we cannot see a planet with light, we can often detect it by gravity, even behind a large intervening object like a star.

As a result, signals of this type would generally be immune to degrading, or to being slowed down by any alteration of the intervening medium. This has previously been suggested, in fact, as a potential area for searching for extraterrestrial communications, since an advanced species may well have moved beyond radio communication for the purpose.

And it may, in the same token, allow us to send out signals to alien worlds, secure in the knowledge that whether or not they are detected, their contents will not degrade. Or, if not aliens, then perhaps far distance colonies of humanity, outposts reaching out to each other through the very force that binds all the worlds, stars, and galaxies together.

#BlindMeWithScience #Physics #Gravity
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Lightweight Battery-Powered Haptic Glove Lets You Touch VR Objects

A research team from EPFL in Lausanne and ETH in Zurich have developed a haptic feedback glove that is both lightweight and low-powered, which allows users to touch and hold virtual objects

At a mere 40 grams (or 8 grams per finger), the glove runs on only 200-volts of battery power, and can simulate the tactile experiences of both very hard and very soft objects.

Queue the dirty jokes, but this represents a major step forward in the development of interactive Virtual Reality technology, which is finally moving into the mainstream after many previous failed attempts.

#VR #VirtualReality #Haptics
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"It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things." - Theodore Roosevelt
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Update: Definitely Back Now

Confirmed. It won't load anything I can usefully interact with, in fact. Mark the day, people.
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MeWe actually sent out a special User Experience Survey just for us former Google+ users! I'm not saying you absolutely should join MeWe, and they're by no means a fully fledged Google+ replacement yet, but if my Feedback has any influence on it, they will get closer to being one.

So far, MeWe is the only real network that seems to actively be courting us Plussers. I'm guessing that we flooded over in such huge numbers it practically maxed out all their dials (one company's Ghost Town is another's Lively Forum ready to be captured). So, if you're not already settled in somewhere else, you may wish to check it out!

I'll just Post a link to where I Shared all the places I'm currently exploring for post-Google+ life below, so you can find me there if you wish.
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Pilot-Wave Alternative to Quantum Wave-Particle Duality a Bust

Ever since the dawn of Quantum Physics, there have been those who felt that somehow, eventually, it would be reconciled with a conventional Newtonian-Relativistic causal framework.

Einstein spent a large part of his later years trying to banish Quantum indeterminacy and entanglement (which he derisively called 'Spooky Action At a Distance'), only to fail miserably. Despite his insistence that God does not roll dice with the universe, the dice keep falling and no one can rationalize them.

A recent attempt to overcome this issue involved an analogy with the dual-slit experiment, wherein a photon can be shown in different conditions to behave as either a particle or a wave, but never both at once, depending upon how it is observed (or measured). As a particle is an object with a given mass at a given point in space moving in a particular direction with a particular velocity, and a wave is at best only some of those, this seems irreconcilable with our sense that reality must exist independent of observers.

More than a decade ago, some imaginative researchers suggested a theory based on observations of a stream of oil droplets surfing on their own wave, a pilot wave as it's called, which seemed to reproduce the effects observed in the dual slit experiment. This led to optimism that Quantum Physics could finally be brought back into the fold of conventional causation. Particles would be particles again, but sometimes behaving wave-like due to being acted upon by a physical pilot wave (think more-or-less a droplet of seawater being carried on an ocean wave, and you'll get the general idea).

Alas, research since 2015 has not only failed to support this, but has even debunked the original observation, showing that the droplets do not, in fact, behave like photons in the experiment they were meant to replicate.

Interestingly, one of those who helped put the final nails in the coffin of this approach was Thomas Bohr, grandson of Niels Bohr, the Father of Quantum Physics itself, and a Physicist like his grandfather.

Thus, yet another attempt to rationalize the Acausal, Uncertain, Observer-Dependent Reality described in Quantum Physics with the Causal, Determinate, Observer-Independent Reality pictured by conventional Physics and our general post-Enlightenment Era intuitions about reality has failed. While there are still efforts along these lines, they are vanishingly few, and increasingly arcane and difficult to disprove (thus lacking strong falsifiability).

As unsatisfying as it may be to some people, it appears Quantum Physics is correct in its core premise: though our macro reality may appear to be Causal, Uncertain, and Observer-Independent, its roots run into a more fundamental reality in which none of this is true, or is weakly true at best.

#BlindMeWithScience #QuantumPhysics #PilotWaveTheory
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How The Internet Archive Saves Your MS-DOS Games

Recently, I Shared an article ( about the scale of The Internet Archive (, "[A] non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more."

Later, I became curious as to how their MS-DOS game emulators handled Save Games, allowing me to return to my machine at a later point and resume a game where I had left off. I had, wrongly it turned out, assumed it was linked to my account, until I read the following article.

Saving games which are run in an emulator and played through web browsers around the world is no small feat, and the following article is insightful regarding both the challenges, and the solution they devised.

Interestingly, and for reasons explained in the article linked below, they chose to forego a formal announcement, even as thousands of satisfied users (myself included) enjoyed the upgrade, blissfully unaware it had ever been an issue.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy thousands of classic games like Doom, The Elder Scrolls 3, and Return To Zork, with your Saved Games preserved as long as you long on to the same browser on the same machine, with or without having an actual account with the service.

Quite likely, they are the most underappreciated game streaming service on the internet today, but for users, they're an indispensable resource for countless hours of entertainment.

#InternetArchive #Gaming #Emulation
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Staying on Google+ to the bitter end? Come join us in one of the few Communities guaranteed to be standing until the very end, introduce yourself to everyone, and find some folks to play violins with while the ship goes down!

#GPlusRefugees #GooglePlusRefugees
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