Paul Graham suggests that the way to get an idea for a startup is to look around and find something for which all current solutions suck. Due to a recent wrist injury, I found one: cold wraps for wrists, maybe especially women's wrists.

Most cold wraps are way too big and bulky, and NONE of them are actually shaped like a hand or wrist. This one looked good (non-migrating gel! long-lasting, gentler temperature!) but the gel is like a rectangular slab of cartilage. How one is supposed to apply enough force to wrap it around a 6.25" wrist -- a sore wrist -- without hurting that wrist even more, is beyond me. The picture of it was obviously taken of the fabric "wrap" part alone, without the cooling insert.

The next best one, which I also bought, has 3" by 11" gel packs. It's "specifically" marketed for necks (fine, my neck is about 15" around) and wrists (again, 6.25" around). Because those are really similar, obviously.

Please, someone, go start a nice little company and solve this problem. Enough people have wrist pain that there has to be a market for a wrist-shaped, wrist-sized solution.
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