Airplane Wings are an underwater clothing item. These items are pretty rare. They were sold in Bahari Bargains in September 2011.            This item is members only. Airplane Wings were worn on the back. The rare ones came in 8 colours: Red with white, black with white, silver with white, yellow with white, green with white, orange with white, blue with white, and lavender with white. The non-rare ones came in 3 colours: Blue, black, and pink. These wings are worth a Rare Clouds, Spike Wristbands, Rare Bubble-Tron 5000s, Pirate Swords. This item is unwanted because it's an underwater clothing item. This item is rarely seen on a Jammer's trade list. To me, they look quite silly on your underwater animals. Keep these items until you get better trades for them! 
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