The Diamond Shop is a very well-known shop. You can purchase any colour Elf Tail Armours, any colour Legendary Gloves (except golden), Phantom Invasion, non-rare Rainbow Clouds, non-rare Lightning Clouds, Arctic Wolf Plushies, Snow Leopard Plushies, non-rare Giant Lion Plushies, and the full Phoenix set with diamonds. Every member gets a diamond every Tuesday, and everyone can win it at the spin-the-wheel when you log on. Non-members can only transfer diamonds into gems, and can't buy anything in the shop. The shop is mostly hated by rare Jammers, and loved by non-rare Jammers. Animal Jam brought 2 good rares back using the Diamond Shop (Elf Tail Armour and Legendary Glove). Many Jammers worked hard for their rares, and they just came back, and now they are worth nothing! I had 2 Elf Tail Armours, and now I put them off my trade list because of the Diamond Shop. I like the Diamond Shop, but I wish they could put rare signs on the real Elf Tail Armours and Legendary Gloves, because that way we can tell them apart (just like the clouds). But I am happy that people can look cool in these items, and my buddies are all happy. You can also buy the Diamond Shop music, which is called Mystical Morning for 1 diamond! Tell me what you think about the Diamond Shop!
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