The next shop I'm going to talk about is Epic Wonders. Few Jammers do not know this shop. It is located behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons. The design of this shop is a cave. The music of this shop is unknown. This shop can be accessed by using the map. Many Jammers go to this shop, but the items are a bit expensive. Epic Wonders sell clothing and furniture items. To buy clothing items, click on the green orb you will see at the top of the shop; and for furniture, click the blue orb you see when you enter shop. Some clothing you can buy are: Tuxedo Jacket, Zios Mask, Firefly Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Golden Wings, Silver Glove,  Diamond Earrings, Golden Bow and Arrows, Royal Tiara,  Diamond Ring, Dual Samurai Swords, and DJ Headset. Some furniture you can buy are: Crystal Greely Statue,  birthstones for every month, Birthstone Display, Epic Seasonal Tree, Golden Throne, Crystal Table, Fancy Vanity, Pet Princess Castle, Gold Brick, Silver Brick, Bronze Brick, Cake Bake Kitchen, Red Sports Car, Epic Wonders Orb, Ice Thrones, Princess Carriage, Shadow Garden, Feast Table, and Giant Wolf Plushie. The Diamond Earrings, Diamond Ring, Diamond Necklace, and Royal Tiara are animated items, all of them glitter when you wear them. Remember, new ones are always coming! 
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