A very popular rare is the Tail Armour. The Tail Armour wraps around your animal's tail. The Elf Tail Armours are rarer than the normal Tail Armours. But now, Elf Tail Armours are in the Diamond Shop, and dropped a ton of rarity. The Elf Tail Armours come in 8 colours: Dark tan with red, Violet-purple with orange, pink with blue, green with purple, orange with blue, blue, black with blue, and black with white. The normal ones come in 5 colours: tan with red, pink with red, purple with green, green with blue, and white with red. Before the Diamond Shop came out there are what they were worth a lot. Here is a list of what they were worth:

Black with White: Short Spike Collar

Black with Blue: Black Worn

Orange with Blue: Pirate Sword

Blue: Scary Bat Wings + Good BETA

Green with Purple: Scary Bat Wings + Rare Cloud

Pink with Blue: Rare Cloud + Rare Bubble-Tron 5000

Violet-purple with Orange: Rare Cloud

Dark tan with Red: Rare Claw + Rare Party Hat

The Elf Tail Armours were prized possessions before the Diamond Shop came out, and here is the list for normal Tail Armours.

White Tail Armour (Normal) - Rare Bow and Arrow + a small rare

All the other normal Tail Armours - Rare Bow and Arrow

Remember, these are what they were worth BEFORE the Diamond Shop update.

The normal Tail Armours are not released in the Diamond Shop. The Tail Armours were monthly gifts of March 2012. They are still beloved items in Animal Jam!
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