Beards are not much of a famous rare in Animal Jam. But they are worth a lot! The non-rare Beard is WAY rarer than the Rare Beard. The Beards came out in 9 different colours: Orange with red, cream with silver, black with silver, black with red, pink with cream, light brown with red, brown with orange, gray with light blue, and gray with pink. The gray with pink beard is the least rarest beard, which was sold at the Leap Year Party, which comes every 4 years in Animal Jam. The Beard is a neck item, and was sold in the BETA days. The Orange Beard is the rarest item in Animal Jam. Trust me, these are worth way more than Long Black Spike Collars! There are only 2 known Orange Beards in the game owned by VisualEffects and infinitymagicheroisback. There is only 4 Cream Beards known in the game! Side note: The Black with Silver Beard is rarer than the Black with Red Beard. The Orange with Red, Cream with Silver, Pink with Cream, Black with Silver, Light Brown with Red, and the Brown with Orange Beards make it to the top 10 list for rare items in Animal Jam. If you have 1 of these Beards, you are definitely a very rare person!
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