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Celeste A.
Wife to a pretty great man, stay at home mama to a gorgeous baby boy and a sweet little fur baby, blogger at Our Fabulous Life in the Suburbs.
Wife to a pretty great man, stay at home mama to a gorgeous baby boy and a sweet little fur baby, blogger at Our Fabulous Life in the Suburbs.


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Gavin is ONE!!! And a Farewell Post
This will come as no surprise to anyone, but I'm seriously considering closing up shop around here at Our Fabulous Life. This space doesn't really feel like "home" to me anymore, and I think I'm ready to move on to something new. I do think I will continue ...

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12 Months
Sweet little Gavin, Oh, Gav. I will never get tired of telling you all about how much I love and adore you. This first year of your life has been one of the absolute best of mine. You are pure sweetness with a little dash of crazy thrown in, and the older y...

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Gavin - 11 Months
Oh sweet Gav. This past month with you has been so, so much fun. You are just the silliest little thing I've ever seen, and you keep us laughing all the time around here. You are so sweet, so much fun, so very independent, so adorable - I'm a bit obsessed, ...

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Abundantly Blessed
Today is my birthday. My 32nd birthday, to be exact. Birthdays are funny. The older I get, the more insignificant they become. It's still nice to have a special day, of course, and it's so lovely to be flooded with texts and calls and Facebook messages from...

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Gavin - Ten Months
Sweet little baby of mine! Man oh man, you are just a delight. You are seriously just the best little guy in the world. I know, I'm gushing. It's annoying. I can't help it.  You are basically everything a person could want in a baby. My only complaint is th...

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Let's Be Real
I don't struggle with comparison. That just isn't something I have a major issue with. Now insecurity, that is absolutely the great struggle of my life. But for the most part, I can look at others and admire their strengths or be happy for their blessings r...

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What Grayson Wore - February & March
My goodness gracious I am TERRIBLE at posting these. This child has already gone back to school for a new year and I'm still posting from February and March! My bad guys, my bad. I guess the only upside is that this could possibly be some good inspiration f...

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Gavin Nine Months
Well, my sweet little love, you might start tipping the scale over from sweetest baby ever to craziest baby ever! This ninth month with you has been quite an entertaining little adventure, let me tell you. You sir, have no fear, no hesitation, and if you se...

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Overwhelmed in the Best Ways
You guys, I have been so freaking busy the past couple of months that I feel like my head is spinning on the reg. I really hate when people talk about how busy they are as a competition for who is somehow the coolest, but for realsies I am overwhelmed with ...

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Gavin - Eight Months
Gavin,  Oh, you sweet little thing. You are the craziest little baby I have ever known, but you are so sweet that I just can't be mad! I just told your Daddy the other day one of my favorite things about having kids is watching their personalities develop. ...
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