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Florence Love Ipianah

Its been a while.. GPlus..

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Sure way to bridge the communication gap between teams -Web 2.0 for development
Most people feel social Media is unprofessional, I attended
a web 2.0 for development that changed my perspective on social media. I feel
social media can effectively be used in various professions to ease
communication between teams in offices. Social Medi...

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Love Your neighbor-Treat others well at all cost!
Scripture references: Mark
12:30-31                                      : Matthew
7:12 When I was younger my mother taught me a simple clause statement:
W.W.J.D (What Would Jesus Do). Every time something happened, when am about to
react she would call out...

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sadly.. this is soo true..
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Programmers.. you got time to do some extra studies.. check this course out.. lets do this!

Loving someone through their perfect and imperfect thats love!

Haleluyah! My saviour lives!!

This is for next tym am buying a phone... am buying the common ones!! shuuuu! afta nt being able to replace a charger for my phone..:(
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