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There's a few seconds left of #MacroMonday here in the UK so I thought I'd sneak in one more...

This is a poisonous grasshopper from Madagascar. This particular one is a juvenile, however even when fully grown the males wings stay very small and they are unable to fly. The female's wings grow bigger and they are able to fly just fine apparently. My guide was unable to explain why this was... anyone care to hazard a guess?
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So the female can fly off and find other males, no in breeding
Just sitting there, Poisonous. And with no apparent agenda.
Bob Cat
Dvorak can't fly either, but he still attracts plenty of females.
+Bob Cat - It's his effortlessly suave and debonair manner. Gets 'em every time.
Shampine! For those that don't know, that's Champagne with an Aussie accent. Oy luv shampine, mite! :)
Did you even watch the show, this week in tech. (TWIT) do you even know what it is? that's how its was said OMG! drunk talk mate ( I'm in a battle of wits with an unarmed man) Devorak and that hot chick Shira Lazar and Leo were drinking. Holy Crap!!!!
Michael! Easy there, mate - there was no offense intended. I was making a little phonetical connection that I hoped you would find funny. Guess not!

Oh - and to answer your question, I do listen to TWiT every week :). You can take the boy out of the tech, but you can't take the tech out of the boy (that's a referral to me).

Sorry for any misunderstanding - the next beer is on me. Heck, the next case is too.
It had bigger wings in the past but developed big antennas to impress the ladies. So the wings got smaller and females fly to them. The poison and color is to show to the females who's the boss.
They can fly but they think they look better on the ground.
Madagascar is tiny. How far would you really need to fly? More important to have fully pimped orange spots.
because the male thinks this |---| is 6cm and the female knows how long 6cm really is....
Ed ward
All I can say is WOO!!!.. Great pictures..
Jumping spoilers (the little wings)
Surprised no one has actually made the obvious natural selection-centered case here. In most cases where a species has adapted this kind of (poisonous, but flagrantly visible) defense mechanism, the traits become exaggerated because aside from the disincentive that the creature is poisonous, they still face a threat due to how obvious they are, which ensures that stronger individuals will tend to reproduce more than weaker ones, gradually exaggerating traits that may have been less obvious in earlier generations.

You have to have some strong advantages to survive when you're this obvious, and a handicap of mobility further enhances that process by ensuring that only the really bad-ass (by which I mean healthy, robust, able to survive a nip or two) males are likely to survive long enough to pass on their genes. Life only cares, in the end, that the females survive long enough to reproduce, or rather, any tendency to reduce the mobility of females would be unlikely to lead to species traits in females for which there were no adaptive benefits. Not so for males who only need to live long enough to pass on their genes more effectively than other males.

I expect you could find a formal study that goes into detail on this species from some actual biologist who's done some real research.
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